Michael Trout - Mar 12, 2012
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Mexico, although not very safe in some places, is overall not a dangerous country for travelers. One only needs to know where to go. At the moment, vast majority of states are completely safe and inviting tourists to prove it.

The war against drug cartels has been haunting Mexico for several years now. The number of homicides resulting from the cartel wars is staggering and it comes as no surprise tourism is suffering massively.

On the other hand, the situation only affects states on the border with the United States, which is the center of the drug smuggling business. Vast majority of Mexican states are completely safe and the government is trying to convince tourists that Mexico is no longer a threat.

Mexico’s safest state, Tlaxcala, is very popular among local tourists. What it lacks in size – as the smallest Mexican state – it makes up in charm. There are a number of pre-Columbian archaeological sites which are open to the public and offer a fascinating insight into the heritage of local civilization. Cacaxtla is the most famous place; however, there are hundreds of others.

Heritage enthusiasts will also enjoy Yucatán, the land of the Maya. The tourist infrastructure is excellent there and the countless sites combined with charming haciendas, quiet beaches, and beautiful nature make Yucatán the place to be.

Nature lovers with a sense for adventure should visit Puebla. This city’s culinary reputation features the delicious chiles en nogada dish (chillies filled with meat and fruit) but a definite lure are the twin volcanoes in its vicinity – Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl.

Mexico City rightly deserves to be on the list as well, despite what many believe. It is much safer than Washington D.C., for example, and features a variety of beautifully restored colonial buildings, Aztec heritage and much more. The list of safe destinations goes on with the colonial city of Mérida, unique resort of Huatulco and the popular Playa del Carmen.

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