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Canada is a beautiful and enchanting place for tourists to visit. The land holds a number of natural and man-made wonders which are eye catching and breath taking. In 2007 CBC Television and CBC Radio One organized a competition in an effort to find the seven most popular and most visited wonders of Canada. invites you to admire the seven stunning landmarks.

The Rockies

Five national parks established on the Canadian portion of wide American mountain range is famous for providing a wide range of activities like hiking, world-class skiing, fishing, biking or relaxing to the tourists. The Rocky Mountains stand with their own glory and provide enchanting views. Their unique mountain landscape has a number of peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and caves of limestone and fossils.

Old Quebec

It is the oldest and a historic part of Quebec City. It was founded by a French explorer in the early 17th century. The upper and lower towns consist of a number of very old and historic buildings that majestically show their beauty to the visitors. It also has a number of different architectural styles. It is a must-see place for tourists who are interested in historical and architectural details.

The Canoe

Canoes have been related to Canadian history and culture since the old times. Canoes were used by the voyagers and explorers as a mode of transportation. What can be better than enjoying beautiful views and experiencing the canoe that stream silently on the river to understand the culture and the history of Canada?

Prairie Skies

Giving a beautiful and eye-holding view of the mighty, brooding and vast blue sky. Canadian prairie is a true wonder and offers an indescribable view. Wide plains, rivers and streams, beautiful fields of blooming yellow flowers and a bright blue sky provide the best place where you can praise nature to your fullest. It is an interesting place for the nature lovers to just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfall in the world. Famous for being a perfect honeymoon spot, it has a beautiful sight to behold. It is situated between Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. Goat Island separates the two sections and is in the middle of the waterfall. Also known as Horseshoe Falls, it is a beautiful and sophisticated place to visit and also has casino resorts which are sure to make your trip even more enjoyable and memorable.

Pier 21

Pier 21 is a national museum of immigration of Canada. It is located in Halifax. Being an ocean liner terminal, it has been front door of Canada to many troops, refugees and immigrants in the past. It is a perfect place to visit for tourists who are interested in knowing the stories and history of the immigrants.

The Igloo

Igloos or snow houses were built for the purpose of insulation but they dazzle the mind and make tourists appreciate this engineering and architectural wonder and the beautiful handiwork of the people. It is made from ice and whale bone.

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