Misleading facts

The CTC wants, and Canada needs, to be back in the US market. Despite the misleading statistics shared in this article, the United States is the most important market for inbound visitation to Canada. Sure the average US visitor spends $518/visit compared to the Brazilian visitor at $1,800+. How many overnight visitors did Canada have from Brazil in 2012? 94,555. How many from the US? 11,853,981. Simple math tells a very different story.
The CTC, and the Canadian tourism industry as a whole, is being neglected by the current government. While the United States has created and generously funded its national tourism office, plus many of Canada’s competing destinations, the CTC has been at the wrong end of huge cuts for several years. Tourism is a sustainable industry and one that provides a generous amount of revenue to all levels of Canadian governments. Why has the federal government turned its back on this industry?
The article is correct in terms of realizing there are obstacles to success in this market. High airfare, a high dollar, apathy towards Canada and a growing list of exotic destinations for American’s to consider. All the more reason, to put the Canadian brand, front and center of those most likely to travel and looking for quality experiences found in Canada.
Perhaps the next article and real story can explore why the federal government has abandoned this profitable sector. And, follow up with real answers in terms of what this government plans to do to compete and restore Canada as one of the top destinations of the world.

RR (Canada)