Laura Maudlin - Oct 23, 2022
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There are many types of tourism, passing from sport to classic, up to gambling. It is a type of vacation that has the purpose to visit a place for the possibility to play in casinos.

Despite the advent of the Internet that led to online casinos, fans of this sector do not give up the opportunity to admire the places that have made the game great, especially in Italian cities.

Casino of Venice

We can start with Venice given the fact that there is one of the very first casinos built in Italy, in 1683. The Casino of Venice has always been considered the central point of gambling, a popular entertainment which has benefited the gondolas’ city in a very important way. However, it should be emphasized that it has never been in its current position; in fact, its location changed in 1950.

Obviously, it now has a more exclusive location: it overlooks the Grand Canal, giving players a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful and loved cities in the world. Surrounding the building, there are a number of activities and restaurants to try with the typical products of the city.

Casino of Sanremo

Another casino to visit when in Italy is the huge and amazing Casino of Sanremo: one of the most majestic casinos in Italy. The popular amusement facility is known all over the world and tourists visit Sanremo willingly just to witness its beauty. There is only a small detail, or rather, be careful with your clothing: you cannot enter the casino without an elegant suit. Follow this precious rule to not find yourself thrown out of the building.

The Casino of Sanremo has led to the birth of one of the most beautiful phenomena of the country: the Italian Music Festival, known all over the world which has now reached its 73rd edition. Staged in 1951, the event was initially hosted in the hall of the Casino with the public enjoying the songs of the show. Later, it has been moved to the Ariston Theatre for television needs. Therefore, visiting the popular casino can be an excellent opportunity to have fun and see a place that has made history of Italian entertainment.

Casino de la Vallée

Finally, also in Valle d’Aosta there is a casino that deserves to be mentioned. It is certainly a more modern structure than the historic casino to visit in Venice and Sanremo. It also has a site where you can have fun and spend a few relaxing hours.

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