Justin N. Froyd - Dec 11, 2022
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Italian tourism operators have positive expectations. According to Confcommercio, 11 million Italians plan to travel during the coming season.

Inflation, sky-high bills, and the fear of an impeding recession have probably discouraged many people from exploiting the long weekend of the Immaculate Conception (7th to 11th December), but «after two years of closures and limitations, the desire to travel is stronger than ever» according to the reports of Federturismo, which estimates over 12 million Italians traveling around the country.

The organization estimates that tourists will mainly opt for mountain facilities during the winter, which are already fully booked, and where most of the Italian ski areas are expected to open starting this long weekend.

Federturismo: Cities of Art on the Stand

Again, according to Federturismo, the cities of art will continue to be on the podium in the choice of Italians. Hotels report good amount of bookings until New Year’s Eve regarding both basic rooms, but also suites. Most hotel guests boosting Italian tourism are from Europe (especially Germans and French) and USA.

Even the spa resorts represent a viable alternative for those who want to enjoy a few days of relax. While 90% of travelers remain within the national borders, there will be a small percentage, especially of young people, who will spend their holiday in one of the European capitals: Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Assoturismo's Estimates: No Full Houses

Assoturismo's reports are less optimistic: according to them Italian tourism market is growing, but «there will not be a full house during the winter». The results are overall positive, but still below pre-pandemic levels.

The saturation of the accommodation offer between 7 and 11 December should reach 71%, for a total of around 4.5 million overnight stays. This is what emerges from an analysis conducted by Cst - Centers for Tourist Studies for Assoturismo Confesercenti.

The occupancy rate of structures in mountain areas stands at 82%, while that of cities of art is 78% with peaks of over 90% for some realities. On the other hand, bookings in seaside resorts, spas and lakes were below average.

Furthermore, the results would indicate a fairly diversified trend among the country's macro-areas. Overall, the regions that show the greatest dynamism are those of Northern and Central Italy. It could be a physiological slowdown in demand before the Christmas holidays, but to date the relevant data of a 2022 which recorded significant market growth remains.

11 Million Italians on the Road

According to Confcommercio estimates, there will instead be 11 million Italians traveling across this long bridge, for a turnover estimated at 4.4 billion euros. The average per capita expenditure is 400 euros. Only 11% of compatriots will go abroad, taking a vacation of about five days, choosing above all France (particularly Paris), Austria and Germany.

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