Justin N. Froyd - Oct 24, 2022
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The provisional statistics referring to January-August 2022, relating to the tourism numbers, made available by the Emilia-Romagna Region, reveal annual increases in arrivals and presences in the provinces of Forlì-Cesena and Rimini: moreover, for the province of Forlì, there is a full recovery compared to the year 2019 (pre-Covid period).

National and, above all, foreign tourism is recovering. Regarding the three months of the summer, positive results were recorded for June and July, while negative responses characterize August, especially on the arrivals front.

The provisional data relating to the tourism numbers in the first eight months of 2022, in the province of Rimini, record annual growth in arrivals of 26.0% (2.699.353) and in overnight stays of 18.1% (11.921.211). The increases, compared to the first eight months of 2021, affect both Italian and foreign customers, with higher numbers for the latter.

In detail: + 18.1% for Italian arrivals and + 8.8% for national presences, + 75.8% for foreign arrivals and + 70.3% for foreign stays.

Compared to the pre-covid year 2019, however, the numbers still remain negative (-12.8% of arrivals, -13.4% of stays).

In comparison with the other Emilia-Romagna provinces, Rimini is in last place for growth in attendance, with the “podium” occupied by Bologna (+ 83.1%), Parma (+ 64.1%) and Reggio Emilia (+ 52.6%), with an annual variation lower than that of the regional average (+26.8%).

Referring to the summer season, the numbers for the month of June are decidedly positive (23.0% of total arrivals, 21.2% of total presences), with + 35.6% of arrivals and + 42.3% of presences, and equally positive, albeit with a much lower trend change, those of the month of July (26.6% of arrivals, 30.2% of presences), with an increase in arrivals and stays, respectively, of 2.0% and 5.4%; negative results, however, for August (25.7% of arrivals, 33.2% of overnight stays), with a decrease in both tourists arriving, equal to -8.2%, and in the number of overnight stays (-5.1% ).

The annual increase in overnight stays in the period January-August 2022 concerns all the municipalities of the Riviera: + 24.6% in Rimini (43.6% of the provincial stays), + 17.0% in Riccione (23.9%), + 13.2% in Bellaria Igea-Marina (14.7%), + 8.8% in Cattolica (11.5%) and + 6.6% in Misano Adriatico (5.2%).

Good results were also achieved by Santarcangelo di Romagna (+ 53.6%), the town in the hinterland with the most stays (0.2% of the total). Attendance in the Rimini Apennines is also increasing (+ 68.4%), although the rate is definitely low (0.1%).

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