TOP 10’s Rankings in the World Travel Market

Top 10 Tourist Sites in the USA

The Grand Canyon or the Empire State Building? Which one of them is the most popular tourist sight of the USA? The answer is: none! Both of them ranked in the U.S. top ten; they are far from being number 1 though. The winner is Walt Disney World in Florida with more than 17 million visitors per year. Thanks to Disney and other amusement parks, Orlando, Florida holds the record in the number of visitors per year – it rises up to 48 million. Even the Big Apple is not so popular (46 million) and the tourist Mecca Las Vegas can boast "only" about 39 million visitors.


Thinking about some comfortable room with gorgeous view and amazingly fluffy pillows? Are you spoilt enough to demand only the best? There are hundreds of luxury hotels but which one is on the top? Conde Nast Johansens selected among their Conde Nast Johansens Award Winners the 10 of the very best hotels. Let’s see if you can cope with the luxury. Brought to you by

Top Unusual Hotels of the World – Budget WOW

The second most often asked question visitors pose (*) on the Unusual Hotels of the World website is how much it costs to stay in the 150 properties in the current guide. All are surprised at the low price and great value of the properties, and recognize the truth in the UHOTW promise that the only WOW is the property itself, not the bill! Steve Dobson picks some of his top rated favourites from the guide below. Brought to you by (*) the top question we’re asked concerns the availability of toilet facilities in treehouses and ice hotels.

Top 10 “Internet Countries”

Nowadays, internet is the most important and fastest developing medium worldwide. It has changed our way of everyday life and thinking in many aspects and influenced every single one of us. Information is easy and quick to find and thus considerably better accessible. Due to the massive evolution of online shopping and booking, also tour operators and destinations had to rethink and take the internet business into account. Internet Statistics compiled by Internet World Stats and brought to you by Tourism shows the top 10 countries in terms of the absolute number of Internet users.

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Top Murder Capitals of the World

The world is a dangerous place and people can practically get killed or die anywhere – drown in their bathtub, get poisoned by leaking gas or hit by bus. Yet these accidental ways of dying are still quite “comfortable” compared to being murdered and robbed (or robbed and murdered) in a dark back street of an unknown city. The Foreign Policy, an international magazine of global politics, decided to warn the potential victims and created a list of the five most murderous cities in the world that is brought to you now by


Would you keep a cell phone or a wallet if you happened to find one? Or would you hand it in at the police station? And how about the others? These are the questions the Readers Digest magazine asked. A survey did not seem to be the right way to find out – mostly, people would not admit that they would actually keep the phone anyway. That is why the journalists decided to make an experiment. They chose some of the world’s cities and capitals and “lost” 30 cell phones in each of them. Then they checked the nearest police stations and waited for a call from the finder. According to the number of cell phones they managed to get back in the end, they put together a list world’s top ten honest cities. introduces the winners.

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It seems that choosing the 7 wonders of one’s country becomes a trend in the Eastern Europe. Ukraine decided to keep up to date and to choose its own BIG SEVEN - the most popular landmarks Ukrainians are proud of. The wonders were selected by an online poll and by a number of experts from various fields such as history, tourism, culture etc. The online poll took place in summer 2007 and in total 77.000 people voted. Tourism Review is pleased to introduce the winners.

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People love celebrations. They always have and always will. That is why festivals were invented. People simply wanted to have fun and needed a reason. There are many kinds of festivals – music, movie, wine, food, historical and many others. is proud to present some of the traditional festivals of the North American continent, some of them with a history of 400 years.

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Hotels all around the world have been painting interiors bright colours and upgrading towels and soap in a bid to increase their rates and call themselves ‘designer’ hotels. While some are great properties whose updates add much needed enthusiasm to otherwise drab buildings a growing proportion have joined the designer bandwagon with a conversion that is little deeper than the paintwork. Steve Dobson suggests some lesser known properties that justify their designer labels and bring a little more WOW to your overnight stay.

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Many of our readers remember a competition called “New 7 Wonders of the World” which announced the winners in summer 2007. Every person could vote via the internet. Many Russians were disappointed that there was no Russian monument in the final winners list. This led to a similar contest organized by a number of Russian media using the same internet voting system. The 7 Wonders of Russia were announced on 12th of June 2008, when Russians celebrate The Day of Russia. presents the wonders chosen by almost 26 million people.

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