Laura Loss - Nov 25, 2019
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The summer season is when most people plan their holidays; and needless to say, it is seen as the peak season of the year. As far as cruise tourism goes, its peak season, especially in the Mediterranean, takes place from June to September and it can go all the way until April and May, or September and October when the weather is still very pleasant.

If we extend our plans to go on a winter cruise or near this season, that is from November to March, the main obstacle we could find is the harsh weather, although this could be avoided if we take a Caribbean cruise since this region has one of the best weathers and pleasant temperatures in the world during those months.

The main reason to choose a winter cruise is, without a doubt, the lower prices. It is not peak season, at least in regions such as the Mediterranean or more exotic places with tropical climates, like the Caribbean, which offers pleasant temperatures all year round.

If you opt for the Mediterranean, this lower price could mean a superior cabin or lodging with more advantages and benefits of having more money to spend at stopovers.

Another reason that makes offseason so attractive is having fewer tourists on board and during stopovers. People who travel in this season of the year can enjoy the same places but less crowded, which means no long queues. During peak season, passengers often wait several minutes to have breakfast, which of course does not happen when traveling with fewer people.

Lastly, there are fewer children in winter cruises. School holidays typically take place in July and August, so families often choose to travel around these months.

The best destinations for winter cruises are similar to those visited throughout the year, although taking into account that the weather plays a very important role in this season.

Some destinations can only be visited in certain months, such as the Nordic countries or the Alaska glaciers. In winter, the Arab Emirates or India may be attractive destinations to spend the holidays.

However, the most common destinations are Central America, Hawaii, the Canary Islands, and the Caribbean, including the eastern region of the Mediterranean. Among these destinations, the Caribbean is the most attractive for those that see winter as a great opportunity to discover those regions without spending so much money.

The Eastern Mediterranean has one of the most pleasant weather in winter, and the sea state is also less rough, generally speaking.

Another interesting point is that of river cruises. In Europe, a large number of companies operate in winter. River cruises offer longer stops in the city ports they visit, so it can be an ideal opportunity to get to know important European cultural destinations.

One last thing is that when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere, so it immediately turns into a new region to be discovered by cruise passengers. South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even remote Antarctica are destinations to consider.

In any case, whether you travel to the Caribbean or to further away destinations, like the Southern Cone of South America, Oceania, and South Africa, the limiting factor is time. The cruise duration must be added to the duration of your trip, which should be several days if you consider the round trip back to the destination.

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