Vanderlei J. Pollack - Oct 7, 2019
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The economic value of cruise tourism for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has increased again in 2018 with more and more maritime stopovers and 2.5 million passengers, according to a report presented at the General Assembly of Medcruise. This federation of Mediterranean cruise ports meets in Antibes, while the industry is challenged to “reduce the nuisance generated by the activity on the environment and quality of life”, says the survey commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Nice Côte d’Azur.

It reveals that passengers stop at an average of 4 hours at a seaport in the region and spend an average of 36 euros on land, with a peak of 91 euros in Saint-Tropez. These passengers are mainly the tourists of tomorrow: the majority (55%) choose their cruises based on the ports of call and two-thirds intend to return to visit within three years.

In total, the region has welcomed 2.51 million passengers for maritime cruises (+ 0.7%, compared to 2017) and 219,400 for river cruises (+ 2%) whose customers spend less on average (23 euros), says the Nice Côte d’Azur CCI. The number of stopovers in the seaports increased to 1061 (+ 1.3%), according to the CCI which observes stability in the number of river stopovers (1797).

The majority of cruise passengers are couples (61% of those surveyed), are more than 50 years old (54%), belong to a well-off socio-professional category (49%) or are retired (28%) and the majority (71%) are regulars: 45% have already made four to ten cruises or more, reveals the survey.

Tourism consumption during the stopover amounts to more than 79 million euros, according to the study which calculates all the direct, indirect and total induced economic benefits for the Paca region to be 430 million euros and 2450 full-time equivalent jobs (port agents, receivers, coach drivers, taxis, guides, etc.). Among the black spots to improve, the customers mention the Wi-fi access in the ports, taxi offers, the reception at the terminal and the price of trips.

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