Dan Rang - Nov 4, 2019
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Antarctica is shrouded in mystery. There’s an idea that we have of it, that settles into our psyche out of a lack of personal reference. It’s very cold. It’s probably bleak. And that’s about the extent we know about the South Pole. Not very many people know about what’s there, or that you can even see it for yourself. Well, you definitely can, and it’s a lot easier than you think. The idea of taking a cruise ship to Antarctica sounds pretty far-fetched at first. But it is as easy as purchasing any other cruise to any other place. Except in this one, you’re going onto strange and unchartered territory that scientists know about as much about as they do the bottom of the ocean. And with that said, this is why you should definitely book a cruise to Antarctica before you kick the bucket.

A Cold Awakening

Most of us have experienced cold. I mean, a holiday in Korea or Canada during the winter gets pretty cold. But it’s nothing like Antarctica cold. Antarctica is the granddaddy of cold. There is no place colder. It’s the kind of cold that hits you and wakes up all of your senses to a new environment never before felt. As long as you’ve bundled up and covered your ears, you’ll be fine. Plus, you’re on a cruise ship. You can go to your toasty room and order a hot pizza any time you want. And when you’re ready to go outside again, with a stomach full of hot food and enough layers to keep you warm, you can feel the kind of cold very few people have experienced. Also, your body adjusts very quickly to the temperature outside. Our natural balancing system does all that for us. But regardless, that alone is worth the trip.

One Of The Few To Do It

Not very many people have been there. Aside from people at pubs claiming to have been to every continent on Earth (conveniently excluding Antarctica), a tiny percentage of the global population has ever gone. Less than 100,000 people visit every year. That’s less than 0.0001 percent of the population. Going to Antarctica puts you in the history books as one of the few that have done it. Going there is clear grounds for bragging rights. And, once you’ve done it, you can ask the other globe trotters their experience and compare notes. Who knows, maybe after a few minutes of conversation you’ll realize that only one of you has actually been to Antarctica.

Pure Adventure

The South Pole is an adventurer’s dream. It’s so far off the beaten path that nobody will believe you actually went there. If you spin a globe and throw a dart, your aim has to be pretty terrible to land on Antarctica. But that’s where the beauty lies: everyone has a story about a holiday in Thailand. Everybody has partied in Ibiza. Instagram has half a million Shibuya Crossing posts, and they all look exactly the same. The best way to discover Antarctica is to take an expedition cruise. They’re for the wanderers that still feel that sense in their soul. It’s the final frontier for travel and you will not be disappointed. If you’re the Four Seasons type, maybe you’d want to stay in the cabin. But for the truly adventurous experiencing the edge of the Earth is an absolutely beautiful thing.

Alien Landscape

The place may as well be Neptune. The ice and the hypnotic blue goes on forever. You truly are in another world when you enter the Antarctic border. Imagine a landscape devoid of all life. There are no trees. There’s no vegetation. There’s no color. It’s all just blue and white. It’s like you’re on an alien world. The only thing that keeps you from believing you’re on planet Earth is the occasional whale and some penguins. Aside from those coastal animals, the rest is another planet.


Photographer’s Dream

If you’re a photographer, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to expose your lens to Antarctica. There’s an obligation, being one of the few people to actually go there, to use your skills. Photography in Antarctica teaches you how to use your camera in such a different manner than anywhere else. Plus, capturing glaciers and their demigod presence as you pass by them is something that translated beautifully on camera.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you’re convinced. You should definitely book a cruise to Antarctica. It’s such a beautiful experience that, over the years, will become more mainstream. Booking now before the crowds and the over-commercialization is the best choice you can make. Happy travels!

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