Nils Kraus - Jul 28, 2023
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Germans enjoy traveling frequently, although they have limited flexibility when choosing destinations abroad. The Federal Statistical Office data reveals that Austria and Italy consistently rank as the top countries German citizens visit. Spain, France, and Turkey are popular and frequently feature in the top spots.

The significant decrease in travel activity among Germans in 2020 and 2021 was registered due to Corona crisis. This was also evident in their travel expenses, as Germans spent approximately 73.1 billion euros on holiday travel in 2019 but only 45 billion euros in 2020.

The most popular holiday destinations are in other European countries. It's worth noting that long-distance travel is not as standard, with only 17% of German holidaymakers choosing it in 2019. Due to the impact of the Corona crisis, the number of people opting for long-haul destinations has decreased significantly. In 2020, only around 6.5% of German tourists chose this type of trip, and in 2021, this number increased slightly to 7.4%.

Germans enjoy traveling, both abroad and within their own country. According to a recent survey, approximately one-third of German travelers plan to holiday in Germany in 2022. Federal states Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria are among their top domestic destinations.

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