Cecilia Garland - Feb 1, 2014
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What countries around the world have the most hotels with wi-fi service (free or paid) in their rooms? For business travelers and holiday travelers alike, having an Internet connection in hotel rooms has become indispensable. Recent report reveals that in the U.S. 89.09% of hotels offer wi-fi in the hotel rooms, which is the biggest percentage compared to other countries.

The ranking was published by Trivago. USA was followed by New Zealand (82.28%), Romania (78.65%), Canada (77.98%), Netherlands (77.52%), Slovenia (75.53%), Serbia (75.46%), France (74.28%), Ukraine (74.27%), and UK (74.21%).

Moreover, having an Internet connection is the most important aspect of the hotel room (61%) compared to the TV set (17%), bath (5%), refrigerator (3%) and minibar (1%), according to a study by the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

To demonstrate what countries most often offer wi-fi service, the Trivago hotel website conducted a study on nearly 700,000 hotels. Europe has done well as a whole, since the majority of the first 20 rankings in the study are occupied by countries of the old continent: Netherlands, Balkans (Slovenia and Serbia), Ukraine, United Kingdom, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, and Ireland.

In Germany, only 50% of hotels offer Internet access in their rooms, ranking them on 31st place. At the bottom of the rankings there is Greece, Spain and Portugal – very popular destinations for a relaxing holiday. Less than 50% of their hotels provide Internet access in their rooms.
The greatest surprise of the ranking is Romania, landing on the 3rd step of the podium with 78% of hotels offering Internet access in their rooms.

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