Kevin Eagan - Nov 7, 2011
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A common issue tourists face during their travels is the fact that while having internet connection is a given for them, many hotels, especially the luxury ones, are charging extra. Many agree this is not acceptable.

Meeting the needs and wishes of clients and visitors should be a priority for each hotel. For several years, internet access is one of the top five “must-have” amenities and most tourists would not even consider staying in a place with no connection whatsoever. The issue arises when many luxury hotels charge extra for internet access while the majority of mid-range hotel chains charge nothing.

75% of hotels in the class of Hilton, Four Seasons, or Marriott add an additional charge of $15 – $20 per day, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association. In comparison, only 2% of mid-range hotel chains require extra internet fees.

Many travelers often criticize such practices; especially considering the price of an upscale hotel room which could easily reach $500 per night. However, experts point out that as long as customers keep paying for internet without a comment, they will be asked to do so. Not to mention the very frequent viewpoint of hotels: if they pay this much, a few extra dollars will not hurt their wallets.

Basic discrepancies also occur when establishing the hotel rating: there are several systems such as points, stars, even diamonds. Very often, however, customers do not receive the quality of service expected. According to recent studies, insufficient lighting and water pressure are the most frequent as well as annoying problems of hotels. Similarly, bottled water which is overpriced, slow internet connection or limited bathroom storage space also made the list.

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