William Law - May 23, 2011
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Washington DC, the American capital, is recovering from the recession period and its growth in the tourism sector is playing into the hands of the US government. As the city becomes more popular, millions of tax dollars are being pumped into the state system.

Washington DC was not the only place on the planet suffering from financial diseases in 2009. Yet it is certainly indicative today of the way the world is reshaping itself after the crisis.

Its recovery and increasing success show very encouraging signs and many people in the labor force of the area will be smiling. 15.5 million visitors came to DC in 2010, which is a figure 5% up on the previous year.

This also meant that spending in tourism sector went up to $5.7 billion in DC, shifting a whopping $623 million in taxes into the government’s budget.

The surge in tourism in DC has done and is doing wonders for the local people in the region. It has been stated that 12% of Washington DC people work in services related to tourism, which translates as 71,300 people.

There are a number of reasons why people are beginning to spend their holiday in DC again. Besides the devaluation of the US dollar, which is why non-Americans have been so willing to buy and spend it, DC has a lot to offer for free including various monuments and museums.

DC also boasts the Cherry Blossom festival, commemorating the March 27, 1912 gift of Japanese cherry trees to the city of Washington DC, and a plethora of monuments, including of course the White House.

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