Daniel A. Tanner - Jun 13, 2011

A new survey by Travel Leaders revealed that 75% of Americans would like to visit Cuba. Less than 2% of surveyed consumers already visited the country.

Many American citizens would gladly visit Cuba if their government was to lift restrictions. In a recent Travel Leaders survey of 953 people, three quarters admitted their desire to travel to Cuba in one way or another.

Despite being on the doorstep of Florida, Cuba has been for many years as far away from the U.S. as South Korea is from North Korea. It seems that cultural and historical reasons are driving Americans to take an interest in traveling to Cuba. There is, however, a major problem: the political situation in the area does not allow for free travel to Cuba. This means under 2% of those surveyed have actually visited Cuba, maybe even illegally having passed through a third country.

20% of the respondents stated that they would visit Cuba immediately, whereas 33% said they would consider going. 21% said they would go if they believed that Cuba was ready for Americans.

The survey relied heavily upon social media such as Facebook and Twitter, yet the clear result was that three quarters of Americans seem to wish to visit Cuba. It is true that respondents tend to feel they owe a survey an answer and that America is too diverse to make such sweeping conclusions.

The results do also suggest that Californians are the most keen to go to Cuba, despite being the furthest away. The only real way to find out would be if the American government was to lift some of the restrictions.

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  1. The rest of the world doesn't want you there America, having been there twice, nor do the locals, there's one destination left in he world that is a safe-haven from the Americans and that's Cuba, let us around the world have one place without you trampling all over it. You have Florida, be happy with how you have ruined that. We love you all America, even more when you are in THE USA.

    Rob (Australia)

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