Chris Grad - Oct 3, 2011

When looking for a relatively cheap, active holiday, many travelers tend to overlook Belgium. However, one of its three federal regions, Wallonia, might hit all the buttons for a family holiday.

Belgium, the political metropolis of the EU has been attracting diplomats, financial gurus, economists from all over the world. Yet, not many tourists actually consider visiting the country, which is a shame.

Wallonia, one of the three federal regions of Belgium, definitely belongs in the group. It is located in the southern part of Belgium, its official languages are both French and German, Walloon is the native language of many, and English may be an issue for some locals on occasion. However, green sceneries, charming little villages and beautiful cities definitely make up for it.

Whether by plane, train or car, Belgium is easily accessible. The capital of Wallonia, Namur, lies 60 km south-east from Brussels and is an elegant city with an intricate layout and romantic cobblestoned streets. What no visitor should miss is the citadel. It is located on a hill overlooking the river Meuse (also known as the Dutch Maas) and tourists are most welcome. Museum lovers will find the Museum of Old Namurois Art highly diverting and archaeology fans should not miss out on the Archaeological Museum which features stories of Roman Namur.

The restless travelers who like a bit of green will like the kayaking trips on the river; Wallonia also features countless abbeys and castles which are definitely an amazing idea for a day trip. Abbey Notre-Dame of Leffe or the Abbey of Orval are two of many popular landmarks.

Wallonia is unusually green and local clean forests belong to its highlights. Travelers also enjoy local historical sites, theme trails, and charming small towns and villages. To get a proper taste of local color, breweries or chocolate factories are the place to be.

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