Denise Chen - Oct 25, 2010
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With its 750 kinds of beer produced in 130 breweries, Belgium offers a unique beer experience. The Kingdom can offer trappist beer, fruit beer as well as many other kinds of beer. A tour of pubs in Gent where tourists are guided by a uniformed bellman is definitely a must-try attraction.


Beer for the Belgians is something as wine for the French. It is not only a drink it is also a valued national specialty. They produce incredible 750 kinds of beer in this small European country. Beer drinkers can try different flavors such as cherry, apple, ginger, currant, bilberry, strawberry or apricot.

According to Czech server, there are 130 breweries in the country and some of the brands are known in many other countries. Hoegaarden or Leffe brands are among the mass produced kinds of beer. The most widely available pils beers are Stella Artois, Maes and Jupiter and every pub has them on the menu. Trappist beer is also popular. The authentic Trappist beer must be brewed in a monastery. A monk must be present during the process and most of the money gained from selling the beer should be used for charity. Currently only six monasteries of the Trappist order have the right to prepare the beer.

Beer is also served in certain way in Belgium. Every pub serves at least two or three kinds of tap beer and a number of bottled beers. Every kind of beer has its special glass. They differ in shape and size. The glass is an important marketing tool. Very often, it looks like a wine glass.

Belgian Gent offers an interesting tour of the city. For about fifteen euros a uniformed guide called bellmen takes visitors around the city’s most famous pubs. When it is time to move to the next pub he rings the bell. At Dulle Griet tourists can choose from 250 different kinds of beer. Pauwel Kwak is served in a huge 1.3 liter glass. To make sure a guest will not leave with the glass in their bag, the waiter asks them for one shoe. He than puts it into a basket that hangs at the ceiling. The waiter returns the shoe only after the guest gives the glass back.

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  1. Jupiler

    Jupiter beer would be a great idea, but the right name is Jupiler. Intergalactic confusion, it must be the alcohol!

    Jeroen Bryon (Belgium)
  2. My fav beer in the world is Gulden Draak, of course, Belgian :-)

    aruba (Croatia)

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