Theodore Slate - Feb 27, 2012

The legends of ancient lost cities are often overwhelming, yet those who are keen on actual facts are welcome in Greece. The ancient city of Helike, discovered in 2000, is seeking volunteers to help with the excavation works.

The eternal search for Atlantis has become legendary; a source of inspiration for films, books, works of art. There are many who are obsessed with the search for mythical cities, and some are lucky enough to find at least traces of them.

Incidentally, in 2000, a local archaeological team found the ancient city of Helike, lost in an earthquake in 373/372 B.C. The search for the city had been underway for years and since its discovery, excavation works have continued. In fact, the archaeological team in charge is currently seeking volunteers to help with the works.

During summer, volunteers are invited to Helike and according to the advert, they needn’t have any specific skills. Local team of professionals will train them when necessary as long as they commit to stay for at least two weeks.

The project is taking place in July and August on the Peloponnese peninsula and the volunteers need to be 18 years or older. Weekends will be naturally free so the helpers get a chance to enjoy a bit of the area as well.

The goal is to move on with the project and learn as much as possible not only about the tragic fate of the city, but also about its famous past. Helike was a developed and influential place, devoted to god Poseidon Helikonios, which for centuries remained powerful and even produced its own coins.

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