Andrew J. Wein - Apr 14, 2012
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Greece has a number of popular archeological tourist sites. One of them, the Akrotiri, was closed in 2005, but now it is officially reopened.

Located on the island of Santorini it is among the most important archeological sites in the region and reopening means a lot to the country culturally and economically.

The site and island of Santorin is well famed for its natural beauty that has attracted many tourists. Residents and non-residents can enjoy the beautiful sunset, amazing picturesque villages and rocky outcrops in the area. ´

Apart from Akrotiri, Greece boast of other amazing sites that make Greece holiday worth your consideration. Pergamum for instance is a unique city that has taken archeological tourism in the country to another level and is a must visit to all guests. Pergamum is an old city with a true temple of Athena. You can also visit the grand theatre, the altar of Zeus, the tanks, the arsenal and temple of Trajan in the town.

Another archeological town to visit in Greece is the ancient city of Mycenae. It is an old town with a rich history that dates back to 2000 BC. It is widely associated with Trojan War and the sons of Atreus. The town is among the largest civilization centers in Greece. The site was declared a national heritage in the year 1999 by UNESCO, hence its global recognition.

It has a ruined palace popularly known as Clytemnestra palace. Other features that make the town an excellent archeological site include Tholos funeral of kings, fortresses and complex of palaces. When visiting the site, you will also see the remains of mythological figures of lions and treasury of Atreus; the most important structures of the town's art.

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