Sep 30, 2019
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Have you thought of volunteering in Europe? Choosing Western Europe for this might not have been your initial thought, but you’d be surprised to learn how many students select this region for volunteering. Despite its rich lifestyle and the popular tourist destination in the area, Western Europe also has very appealing and attractive volunteering opportunities to offer to students like you.

Most of the countries in Western Europe are known to be popular vacation destinations. However, the number of volunteering opportunities is big and constantly growing, so if you thought to volunteer in Europe, this place has a lot to offer.
Below you’ll find a great list of some of the best volunteer programs in this region.

Spain - Conservation Projects in the Valencia Region

Do you love animals and nature? If you do, you’ll love Valencia. Its mesmerizing coast pulls many people to the beaches, but the numerous forests, islands, and mountains offer much more. In a place with such rich flora and fauna, the need for human help is enormous.

At this point, you can choose to volunteer in the Albufera Natural Park, the home of the biggest lake in Spain, or on one of the islands with varied nature reserves.

Volunteer with Turtles in Greece

This volunteering experience will keep you busy and satisfied, so if you have a lot of researches to do during your college break, you might need to ask Edubirdie to write your research papers while you’re there. Turtles are amazing to work with and in Greece, your job will be to protect them and their nests from mammals and seawater. One of the most popular spots for turtle volunteering in Europe is the Lakonikos Bay in the Peloponnese.

Volunteer with Refugees in Italy

Helping other people is satisfying and very necessary today, especially in southern Italy. The volunteering opportunities by Project Abroad will get you involved in helping refugees integrate into the Italian lifestyle and culture, teaching them to adapt and perform the so-called ‘second-response’ tasks.
You can have a variety of tasks here based on your interest and skills. You might assist minors, help with integration, teach languages, run art or sports sessions, organize events, etc.

Oyster Worldwide - Food waste reduction project in Portugal

Million tons per year of food are wasted in Portugal. This is why there are plenty of food waste reduction products for volunteers in Europe in locations like Lisbon. This is a marvelous city, making it a perfect spot for your next volunteering adventure. You’ll do great things for sustainability and at the same time, give food to people who really need it.

Projects Abroad Volunteer Programs in Romania

Romania is one of the most unique locations to visit worldwide and now, one great spot for volunteerism in Europe. You’ll get a shot at seeing its beautiful scenery and the rich culture. Volunteering projects come in all sizes and types, including teaching, sports, care, and even performing and creative arts opportunities. There are also internship placements in general and veterinary medicine, journalism, and social work

GVI: Animal Care Volunteering

For all animal lovers, there are amazing volunteering opportunities in Western Europe. You can visit many exotic spots and help a variety of animals. For example, you can go to Thailand to rehabilitate elephants, or to Seychelles to monitor their giant tortoise population. Moreover, you can help turtles in Greece and Costa Rica, or find an enriching marine and wildlife conservation volunteer program on GVI.

Dolphin and Marine Research in Italy

Would you like to help dolphins in Italy? If you do, it is time to visit the famous Italian coastline and join their great marine research program. This program has been operating for over twenty-seven years now, all with the goal to contribute to the marine-protected Neptune’s Kingdom.
During this program, you’ll live on a big boat and sail along the island of Ischia’s coastline. You’ll be involved in varied tasks that promote dolphin conservation and study their behavior.

Volunteer in Portugal | Affordable Programs

This is your chance to visit the beautiful Azore Islands and learn Portuguese. Thankfully, there are plenty of chances to volunteer alongside the kind people of Portugal. Because of the grand shifts in the global economy in the country, many families need the help of kind volunteers. If you’re interested in helping those in need, this is a beautiful and rewarding journey for you.

Volunteer Projects in Croatia

In the past decade, students have started visiting Croatia for both vacation and volunteering purposes. This ancient republic is so rich in culture, it offers a lot to everyone. And since it is still trying to recover from Balkan Wars, it is trying to handle a variety of cultural, economic, and social challenges.
This is where you can help. It’s an excellent chance to see the snowy mountains and the clear waters, all while helping people get back on their feet.

Volunteer Programs in Belgium

Belgium now offers you a great chance to discover their rich culture and enroll in cultural diversity. There are many immigrants that came to Belgium in the past few years, which opened volunteer opportunities for all. While you are there, you should definitely test their chocolate waffles – Belgium has some of the best and most delicious chocolate in the world!

Volunteer Teaching English in Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is beautiful to visit in the summer and thanks to this volunteering program, you can see a stunning lake and meet wonderful people. If your English is good, you can teach it to Swiss children and adults, lead workshops that teach American culture at their youth centers, and even assist people with their beautiful cultural events.
Have you chosen your favorite volunteering program? This list has something for everyone, so all that’s left for you to do is decide on which program fits you the best. Are you an animal lover? If you are, you can swim with dolphins or save elephants and turtles. If you’re more of a people-fan, you can help people in need in numerous countries in Western Europe.

Many students don’t see this part of the world as a part where they can volunteer. Yes, Western Europe is one of the more popular tourist regions, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need your help with wildlife preservation, poverty, and cultural immersion. Just pick one and enroll in it for a very memorable experience.

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