Larry Brain - Feb 17, 2021
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Studying in college is tough: both in the US and abroad. You need to handle a lot of assignments at the same time, write papers, complete projects, and create presentations. Even when you decide to pay people to do homework, you can always send a request like «Can you make an essay for me?» to one of those professional services, it is still very stressful, especially when you are far away from home. When young people consider studying abroad, they aim at top universities located in Europe, Canada, and Australia, often overlooking perfect opportunities like the ones waiting for them in the Middle East.

Israel is one of them: being not so popular with international students, it is still a perfect study abroad destination with great teachers, unique experiences, and diverse college life. In this guide, we are going to cover the peculiarities and benefits of studying in Israel and top high educational institutions with great programs for international students.

Top benefits of Israeli universities

Did you know that Israel is famous for being one of the most innovative countries, hi-tech space, and startup nation? This is just a gold mine for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. The high quality of life provides a high level of education, but for some reason, Israel is not on top of countries considered for getting education abroad, and it`s not fair. Just like in the US, Israeli universities require you to study hard, learn lots of useful information, receive practical skills, and achieve great results. And just like in the US universities, you can request homework help ordering a paper from professional services (don`t forget to check some speedy paper reviews to make sure you’ve picked the right service).

In return, you receive a chance to find a great job after graduation and even stay in this country, building your professional career. Before you make a decision, consider these universities from our list that offer the best programs for international students:

Hebrew University

This institution is one of the highest-ranked universities in the world that was founded more than a hundred years ago. It offers three campuses across the city of Jerusalem, seven faculties, three hundred academic sub-departments, one hundred centers of research, full degree courses taught in English, the largest Jewish library for studies, and great study abroad programs. There are over 23K students, 15 Nobel prize winners and Turing award receivers and for $5K a year you can become a part of this community;

Tel Aviv University

Currently, the institution is home to 28K students with nine faculties and 21 subjects, making it the biggest and most prestigious university in the country. With 50 years' history and for just $10K a year, you will have access to one hundred departments, over twenty schools of studies, seventeen teaching hospitals, and three hundred (!) research centers, not mentioning four hundred laboratories – this is a huge place indeed. It is located in the city and accommodates lots of international students coming here from different parts of the world`s parts. It has good international connections, high standards of academics, full English-taught programs and semester/year abroad;

Institute of Technology (Technion)

It is actually the oldest one, which also makes it one of the best in the country and also called the Israeli version of MIT. The main language of programs teaching is Hebrew, but there is an entire international department offering courses in English. The institution offers 19 departments, 17 subjects, multiple degree options (and not only in technologies), and it also maintains an affiliated university in New York. Right now there are over 14K students paying around $15K per year for receiving high-quality education;

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