Joe McClain - Feb 22, 2021

After Romania, Iceland, Poland, Moldova, Seychelles, and Mauritius – Thailand is still considering the move -, more countries and regions are now announcing that they will allow vaccinated travelers to enter their country without a negative PCR test or quarantine. The importance of a vaccination certificate is growing daily – despite how much controversy surrounds it.

Madeira welcomes travelers who have already been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus or have survived the infection according to a doctor's certificate. According to the Madeira Tourist board, the vaccination certificate must be in English, including information such as the travelers’ name, date of birth, type of vaccine and date of vaccination. Entrants who have been tested positive for coronavirus in the past 90 days but are recovered must present a medical certificate to this effect.

Iceland has also announced that it will remove the quarantine requirement for travelers who are vaccinated. "All those who present a valid international vaccination certificate for a complete vaccination with an approved vaccine against Covid-19 are exempt," specifies the tourist office on its website. 

Seychelles are also open to vaccinated tourists. All visitors are thus exempted from the fortnight quarantine if they can provide proof of a complete vaccination against Covid-19 (2 doses) dated at least two weeks before boarding.

Romania already exempts people proving to have been vaccinated against Covid-19 (second dose administered for at least 10 days) from any PCR test or people proving to have already been infected with Covid-19 between 14 and 90 days before their arrival.

The Georgian Embassy website states that Georgia also facilitates entry. Thus, vaccinated travelers can enter Georgia without hesitation and without further PCR tests and quarantine regulations. For all other visitors entering the country, a negative PCR test must still be presented upon entry. After three days in the country, travelers must be retested. However, there is no quarantine requirement between these two tests.

Estonia has announced that travelers who can present a complete vaccination certificate will be allowed to enter the country without a negative PCR test result. Also, travelers will no longer have to fear the 10-day quarantine on site. However, on-site, the Corona measures are still to be respected, but the regulations are much more relaxed. For example, stores and restaurants are open with a capacity restriction.

As early as April 1, 2021, Cyprus also plans to allow vaccinated Israeli citizens to enter the country without proof of a negative COVID-19 test, as well as no quarantine is required. Israel is also in negotiations for such an agreement with Greece. Both countries would recognize each other's Corona vaccination certificates, forming a travel corridor. Israel would not be the first country to sign such an agreement with Greece. Greece and Great Britain are also discussing a vaccination passport, which will allow British citizens to go on vacation in Greece without quarantine from the beginning of May.


At the beginning of February, the Swedish government also announced that a digital vaccination passport should be ready for use before summer.

According to various media reports, Spain will allow vaccinated travelers from the UK to spend their summer vacations in their country without quarantine, provided they have a negative PCR test result. The news has not yet been officially confirmed, but it shows that new countries are gradually considering or already informing the public about vaccination certificates for the summer vacations every week.

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  1. Slovenia allows people who have received a full vaccination or can prove with a doctor's certificate that they have had Covid 19 disease within the last six months and have now recovered without a PCR test and quarantine requirements. Or just be able to prove that at least seven days have passed since the second dose of the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine or at least 14 days since the second dose of the Moderna vaccine or the first AstraZeneca dose.

    Lithuania has regulated things in a similar way: For travellers who have contracted Covid-19 in the past three months and have since recovered, they must be able to prove this with a medical certificate in order to be exempt from the quarantine obligation. Corresponding evidence from the doctor must be submitted with a translation into English, Russian or Lithuanian. In addition, this exemption from the quarantine obligation also applies to people who have already received two doses of vaccine against the coronavirus and who can prove this accordingly.

    Hawaii is also planning a vaccination certificate and thus the easing of entry. At the moment, however, the vaccination certificate is not yet recognized in order to bypass the quarantine in Hawaii and the easing will only take place gradually.

    Martin (United Kingdom)

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