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Everyone loves to travel. But it can be very painful when you utilize a lot of time and money to go for a vacation and suddenly realize that your vacation spot was no more than a failed expectation. You might believe it or not, but some of the top ranked tourist places happen to be the worst holiday destinations in the whole of the U.S. So just before you decide on which place you should be visiting this vacation, be sure to check out the list of the places you really should avoid. Brought to you by

Detroit, Michigan

It is considered as one of the most prosperous cities of USA, but its present condition looks nothing more than a post-industrial ruin. Many of the city officials have become corrupt, crime rates have increased, law and order have broken down and the city's economy is falling rapidly.

The city has become so unstable, that last October the Detroit Police Officers had to issue warnings for the visitors before entering the city. The city has also reported increased incidents of crime and shuttering of a lot of landmark gay bars. Due to this, some travel agencies also declared Detroit as the most dangerous city for gay travelers to visit.

On the other side, the city still has a love for art, music and theatres. Lots of creative people flock to Detroit from around the world to showcase their talents and have a feel of the city. If you have a love for cars, then the museums dedicated to Ford and Chrysler may interest you.

Reno, Nevada

Reno is known as the second largest tourist city of Nevada, but has nothing else to offer than being an old, grumpy, run-down version of Las Vegas. The only selling point of the city is being near to Tahoe, but that isn't really a good reason to spend a lot of cash on it.

If you love casinos though, then you are going to love this place. Casinos make Reno a number one tourist destination for gamblers. The city also has good taste on food, music and boutiques, but you will have to do a hard search to find these places. The Nevada Museum of Art, located in Reno, is definitely worth a visit.

Daytona Beach, Florida

One moment you would be lying happily on the beach on your towel or in any Florida summer accommodation your in, and the other moment you may find some cars and trucks parked beside you. The laws allow people to park their automobiles in parts of the beach for some selected hours during the day. But those selected hours may ruin your whole day at the beach.

On the other hand, Daytona Beach is known to be the home for the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing). This means that if you love racing cars, then this is your destination.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City doesn't seem to find its position in the list of top tourist destinations. This might be due to the conservative thinking of the local people, or maybe because the locals are not too much supportive of visitors.

But if you really want a reason to visit – the city is growing on art and film and also conducts an annual Twilight Concert Series where live bands perform. During the winter, a large number of ski resorts within close proximity to Salt Lake City are available for the skiers.

Los Angeles, California

L.A. has got a bad name due to the smog that litters around the whole place. The city is very costly to visit and overcrowded too. Most of the people around the place are known to be struggling actors, musicians, directors, models and rock stars, who are ready to do anything to move ahead in their profession. Still, the city has a number of attractions worth visiting.

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