Anna Luebke - Oct 26, 2017
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With its outstandingly beautiful history and natural values, Nevşehir becomes the partner city of Travel Turkey Izmir.

Nevşehir has been determined as the partner city of Travel Turkey Izmir to be organized this year for the 11th time. With its outstandingly beautiful history, natural values and fame for fairy chimneys, pottery, and weaving; Nevşehir will have the opportunity to display its touristic and cultural values at Travel Turkey Izmir.

In addition, the year 2018 has been declared as “The Year of Troy” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism since it’s the 20th year of Troy’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List and it will take place in Travel Turkey Izmir to be organized between 7 and 10 December 2017.

As one of the most important ancient settlements in the world with its history of five thousand years, ancient city of Troy is among the most significant touristic and historical values of not only Turkey, but also the world.

Hosted Buyers Will Be Coming

Being hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized with the partnership of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies), the fair will provide a basis for new cooperation agreements while introducing new products and services.

With its Hosted Buyer Program realized each year, Travel Turkey Izmir will continue to bring the representatives of the tourism sector and hosted buyers coming from all over the world together with the exhibitor companies this year.

During the Hosted Buyer Program organized with the support of Turkish Ministry of Economy and Turkish Airlines, negotiations will be carried out in a special area to be reserved inside the fair.
In the 10th Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress; 197 foreign hosted buyers from 52 countries and 518 hosted buyers had carried out negotiations with the exhibitor companies in the VIP Lounge are of 1,200 square meters.

Regions for a Healthy and Long Life

A special section related to health is prepared again this year during the fair. In the special section of health tourism; public hospitals, private, foundation and university hospitals, health tourism travel agencies, ophthalmic hospitals, dental health and aesthetic centers, hari transplantation clinics and centers, in vitro fertilization hospitals and centers, thermal hotels and facilities, insurance companies, companies active in the field of weight loss and diet clinics will get together with the visitors.
This year, “Regions for a Healthy and Long Life” session will be held for the first time. The representatives of the health sector will get together in this event to take place as a single session.

Gastronomy Congress

3rd International Gastronomic Tourism Congress will take place at fuarizmir between 7 and 9 December 2017 simultaneously with Travel Turkey Izmir.
Bringing the leading gastronomy and tourism professionals and educators together, the International Congress organized by İZFAŞ, TÜRSAB and Izmir University of Economics aims at discussing the relationship between the Aegean culture and gastronomy and the effects of this relationship on the development of regional tourism.

The Gastronomic Tourism Congress will deal with the effects of eating and drinking habits and gastronomic traditions on local and regional tourism and it will offer pleasant moments to its visitors with its social program along with the scientific program.

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