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With its historical and cultural richness, Mersin will be the first partner city of Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress which draws great attention from tourism sector every year.

This year, Mersin will be the partner city of Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by İZFAŞ and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB). The fair to be held between 8-11 December 2016 at Fuar İzmir, the largest and the most modern fairground of Turkey, will bring the tourism professionals together for the 10th time.
Travel Turkey İzmir, organized under the auspices of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, aims at demonstrating tourism richness and different destinations in Turkey and different countries and regions to local and foreign tourism investors, agencies, buyers and final consumers making holiday plans. While continuing with the slogans “Everybody Deserves Holiday” and “Book Now”, the Fair will make 2017 launch of “9th Early Reservation Campaign” and will host the 2nd Gastronomic Congress.

Culture Show From the Partner City

Events for introduction of Mersin will make strong impression in the fair where Mersin Municipality, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and tourism sector will participate in as partner city guests. While enjoying the folk dances of Mersin region, regional music and ‘Aşuk Maşuk’, visitors will also get to know the city with the movie screenings. The visitors will also be able to see the fashion show of Mersin Maturity Institute. Along with welcoming famous stars and exhibiting photographs and paintings, the fair will exhibit point lace works and rug models, which are indispensible parts of Mersin culture, and bags, footwear and hats from banana fiber; and it will introduce cultural and natural richness of the city with the Virtual Reality Project. Characters and products representing Mersin will be around the stands during the fair. Izmir State Turkish World Dance and Music Group of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism will present a wonderful music festival.
Travel Turkey İzmir Fair will welcome ministries and development agencies in the Hall A and agencies, hotels and operators in the Hall B. The fair will be open for professional visit for 4 days and for final consumers on 10 and 11, 2016.

Mersin - the Partner City of Izmir Travel Show

Interesting Facts About Mersin

With a history going back to Hittite period, Mersin owns lands where civilizations from all religions and nations lived for centuries. It gained its place in history with its rich civilizations and religious centers. The city accompanies many centers that are important in terms of religious tourism. Places for visit that are important in terms of religion include St. Paul Memorial Museum, declared as “place for pilgrimage” by Vatican, St. Paul’s house and St. Paul’s well located in the garden of the house in Tarsus; the Cave of the Seven Sleepers which is considered to be a holy place among Abrahamic religions; the Mausoleum of Daniel Prophet; Tarsus Grand Mosque; Aya Thekla Church located in Silifke and considered as a place for pilgrimage; and Alahan Monastery in Mut District.

Interesting Facts About Mersin

UNESCO Registered Historical Sites

There are 4 culture assets from Mersin in UNESCO Temporary List of World Heritage. Those are Alahan Monestary and St. Paul Church, St. Paul’s Well and its surroundings that made the list in 2000, Mamure Castle that made the list in 2012 and Ancient City of Korykos that made the list in 2014.

UNESCO Registered Historical Sites

Assertive Yacht Tourism Too

Along with its International Harbor, the most important and busy harbor of Turkey, Mersin owns Mersin Marina with a capacity of mooring 500 yachts and landing 500 yachts, Çamlıbel Yacht Basin with a capacity of 350 yachts, and Kumkuyu Yacht Harbor with a capacity of 250 yachts, all of which conform the international standards, in order to develop tourism. Tisan, Taşucu, Narlıkuyu and Dana Island are the places frequently visited by especially local tourists with one-day tour boats; and Anamur, Kızkalesi, Susanoğlu and Ayaş are the most important beaches in the beach tourism of Mersin. Gözne, Ayvagediği, Soğucak, Fındıkpınarı, Çamlıyayla Namrun and Sorgun plateaus are the most preferred places in plateau tourism.

Mersin - Assertive Yacht Tourism

A City Rich in Fesivals

Having a vigorous city life with cultural activities along with its historical and touristic sites, Mersin hosts International Mersin Music Festival each year. Activities such as Mersin Turkish Classical Music Festival, Mersin International Nevit Kodallı Polyphonic Choirs Festival, and Mersin State Opera and Ballet performances are regularly organized in the city.

Mersin - A City of Fesivals

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