James Morris - Jan 30, 2017
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Tourism is the industry that is probably doing the best at the moment. In 2016, nearly two billion people traveled around the world, and this number is likely to increase in the coming years.

But then, how will tourism evolve in the face of the general enthusiasm? How can new technologies influence the way we discover the world? The travel trends of the future are the topic of discussions of many experts.  

Urban escapades, city tours, are riding high on success. Inexpensive and fast, city tours are affordable to many people easily and at any time of the year. More and more travelers regard these short trips as a great way to escape over the weekend. The price of plane tickets went considerably down. On the destination side, Europe offers a wide variety of choices, with cities like Dubrovnik, Lisbon, and Krakow. City tours are one of the hot travel trends and they are likely to attract even more tourists. In the coming years, travelers will also be able to opt for more distant destinations of four or five days, for example New York or Moscow.

Authentic Experience

Finished are the years when the only purpose of traveling was to return to the office with skin as tanned as possible! While beach destinations like Bora Bora or Thailand are still and will always be popular, it is because they offer more activities than just lying on the beach. Today, travelers want adventure and authenticity. They dream of impenetrable jungles, ethnic minorities, and unfamiliarity, and they travel primarily for open-mindedness. That is why destinations like Myanmar, Mongolia, and Ethiopia are booming! Unknown regions are another travel trend of the coming years.

Spiritual Tours

More and more travelers are traveling to discover holy places like the Negev in Palestine or the Ganges in India. The reason? After years of being forgotten, religious and spiritual tourism is on the rise again, and not just among believers!

The spiritual journey makes it possible to discover a destination in a slower and a more immersive way, and to combine culture, spirituality, and adventure into the same unique experience. While 2017 is considered the year of the spiritual journey, it will be only the beginning, as tourists of the future should increasingly take an interest in the religious testimonies of destinations.

According to the experts, holidays dedicated to well-being, new experiences, and unusual activities are likely to be successful. This includes both spiritual retreats in Nepal and India as well as treks in the Amazonian jungle… 

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