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The travel sector is constantly transforming to provide the holidaymakers unique experience full of authenticity, sense of urbanity, and immersion. What are the future trends in tourism? What will the travelers want in future? Paul Arseneault, a tourism professor at the University of Quebec and Montreal, named 7 tourism trends we are to witness in 2020. Brought to you by

Tailor Made

The future of tourism will rely heavily on customization. No more tours organized for years by the travel agency in the same way. The trendy travelers will now build custom tours and get exactly what they want. 

Tourists with Locals

Services and attractions will expand their functions. Large hotels even now, for example, increasingly offer passes for their gyms to residents. The aim is to create space where tourists and locals mix. 

Social Media

The multiple social media will contribute to enhance the value of the travelers’ experience even more. The importance of this kind of media is only to grow.

Innovation and Cooperation

Guests and local residents will be increasingly involved in the creation of new tourism models, services and attractions through technology. 

Authenticity and Immersion

Future travelers will seek authenticity as the crucial ingredient to their vacations. Through their experience they will try to immerse in the local culture.

Genuine Experience

The tourism future will be experiential and sensory. "We do not want to see it; we want to live it!" That is the new mantra. The tourist wants to experience the daily living like the locals. 

No Tourist Zones

Some places will become overcrowded. Popular destinations like Machu Picchu, Barcelona, or Venice will increasingly limit the influx of visitors in order to save themselves. 

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