ETHICAL/ Travel to Help

If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime as well as a chance to give back to the global community voluntourism is just for you. Discover how and where you can travel to help.


Travel and Help – Go for Volunteer Programs

Samuel Dorsi

Volunteer travel is one of the most rewarding and enlightening travel experiences. You get to meet people from different cultures, interact with them and help them through their hardships. Most people shy away from volunteer traveling simply because they are not aware of what it is all about. How to Register Once you realize that you want to spend some time volunteering, the first step is usually getting a suitable volunteer program to work with. Different programs will have different volunte...

Travel to Research: Vacation for Cause

William Law

Volunteer travel involves traveling for a cause. The most notable would be that of missionaries who travel to third world countries or political organizations working in Africa, for example. For the more adventurous ones, there's always scientific research. Volunteer travel to research has become popular these times with the existence of different companies who can offer these opportunities. To volunteer for research may not be as simple as it might seem though. It involves research, time, ph...

Travel, Teach and Learn

Wayne M. Gore

If you love to travel, teach, and get immersed in different cultures then you can try volunteering to do just that. The world is getting smaller thanks to the Internet. But sometimes it is not enough to read and hear stories about far-away lands. Being there makes a lot of difference. Cultural exchange is a gaining a foothold among the citizens of the world simply because it is one of the most fulfilling things to do in the jet age where everywhere is not that far away. Teaching language to l...

Volunteers Help in Disaster Hit Areas

Alec Hills

Every year natural disasters affect the lives or people. It often takes months if not years for a community to recover. The need for volunteer work in these areas is important. This is where volunteer travel comes in handy. This form of travel help is used to allow people to travel to different parts of the world where they can help out with rebuilding the community. A key part of volunteer travel is that it is often made to work with a discounted or free accommodation rate. In many cases a v...