DESTINATION: Maldives – Natural and Romantic

Perhaps the most Romantic destination around would be Maldives. With impressive number of resorts, beautiful nature, and gorgeous underwater world – all could be found here. With majority of guest in Maldives honeymooners, the government tries to diversify tourism industry towards other groups.


Male' Tour Guide

William Law

Male' is a tiny island, heavily crowded with various vehicles and busy people all the time. It is the capital city and one of the largest islands of Maldives. Mah-lay as it is pronounced, is a thickly populated Muslim city located across on the adjacent island of Hulhule where the Male' International Airport is located.  You can easily reach Male by boat from the Airport jetty. Today, the small island of Male' is completely occupied with tall colorful buildings with the turquoise blue water all...

Travel & Tourism Industry in Maldives

Andrew J. Wein

Maldives is a group of one thousand two hundred islands of which only two hundred are currently inhabited, and of all these islands, none rises eight feet above sea level. Maldives gained independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom and has since then been on the path of democratizing its governing institutions, although initially it was not a popular tourist destination latter years has seen it change to become one of the hot spots in the world. The first tourists to arrive in these islands was...

Maldives: Every Traveler’s Paradise

Alec Hills

Maldives is a fascinating archipelago. This nation is made up of 1190 islands and islets. Two hundred of these are inhabited, whereas, the rest are considered as pristine or virgin locations. Luxury resorts are found in at least 88 of these islands hence there is a range of accommodation options for tourists. These hotels are world-renowned in terms of the kind of service and amenities they offer to tourists. But of course, Maldives is not just about five star hotels or topnotch accommodations, ...

Arrival Trends in The Maldives

Gregory Dolgos

 As Maldives is considered a long-haul destination, any economic downturn impacts the world economy, or an outbreak of a disease, affects the travel patterns of tourists who look for to travel to long-haul destinations. Tourists would prefer visiting destinations nearer to them for shorter break or not travel at all. Maldives inbound tourism was affected by the recent global recession, especially by the high oil prices over international markets. The spread of the virus H1N1 in some Asian countr...