ETHICAL/ Tourism Fighting Child Exploitation

Child sex tourism is one of the grave problems of today’s world. Tour operators and travel companies join to take action in many countries and to stop further exploitation of children.


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Tourism Companies against Child Exploitation

Pat Hyland

As visitors depart the baggage claim area of the San José, Costa Rica airport, they see a sign warning them that child (sexual) exploitation is a crime punishable by prison in Costa Rica. The sign is a symbol that Costa Rica does not tolerate sexual exploitation of minors. The sign also symbolizes that such exploitation exists. Indeed, one of the great shames of modern tourism is the social phenomenon of visitors coming to a country for the primary or secondary purpose of sexually exploit...

Child Sex Tourism – Growing Problem of the World

Theodore Slate

Sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes has a very severe effect on millions of children across continents. Abuse of children through Child Sex Tourism (CST) is growing rapidly. This gruesome crime is fueled by various factors some of them include weak laws of the land, poverty, easy access to internet and frequent travelling. People who indulge in CST are usually travelers heading to developing countries. Tourists from Japan would for example travel to Thailand, while an Americ...

Protecting Children against Exploitation from Tourism in Goa

Larry Brain

Goa, a former Portuguese colony on the western coast of India (adjacent to the States of Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka to the south-east) is the smallest Indian state famous for its beaches and temples. Compared to the rest of India, Goa ranks high in human development index, per capita income, quality of life and infrastructure. The effect of tourism, the third largest revenue earner, has been considerable. Tourism services have grown exponentially compared to mining and fishing leadi...

The Code: Efficient Tool in Combating Child Sex Tourism

Cecilia Garland

Child sex tourism has become a thorn to the global society. More and more children are falling prey to child trafficking aimed at exploiting them for sexual activities. Estimates from the The International Labor Organisation [ILO] show that about 5.5 million children are exploited through forced labor including coerced sexual exploitation. This worrying trend has not gone unnoticed to the world and especially to major players in the tourism industry which seems to be a hunting ground for chil...