TRANSPORT: Eastern Europe – by coach or by train?

A coach or a train? That is the question. Eastern Europe is becoming fashionable as a tourist destination. It combines the benefits of relatively inexpensive facilities with possibilities of exploring the unknown. This “terra incognita” promises the wonders of high culture and the pleasures of the great outdoors. But when we are there, how should we travel from one country, or city, to another? We discuss today whether rail travel is still the most popular and reliable transportation in the area and list rail passes that make such travel even more attractive. An interview with the Student Agency director proves that their coaches are not only for students. The other long distance coach companies in Eastern Europe are also growing, and we introduce major players in this business.


The Student Agency Wins in Big Business

Denise Chen

Travel by coach is inexpensive and well established way of traveling in Europe. Iva Svobodova, marketing director of the Student Agency, answers the questions of Vojtech Horsak about the present and the future of this business ...

Long Distance Coaches in Europe: overland options available across the continent of Europe

Justin N. Froyd

The European continent is criss-crossed by several comprehensive overland networks including Eurolines, a handful of Central European long distance bus companies and the international hop-on, hop-off coach service Busabout ...

The Sad Story of Rail in Central and Eastern Europe

Gregory Dolgos

Travellers and industrial goods in Central and Eastern European (CEE) used to move mainly by train. Not anymore. The old centralised transport systems are collapsing while new roads, flooded by new fleets of cars, divide landscapes. Changes are quick and radical. Overall in CEE, rail traffic has been reduced to about one-third from 1990 levels, says Ferenc Joo, national secretary of the Hungarian Traffic Club ...

Travel Pass: Eastern Europe by Rail

Dan Rang

Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. A blend of medieval towns, picturesque cathedrals, ornate castles, renaissance palaces and diverse cultures is appealing for visitors. Is it possible to visit countries like Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Slovenia, or Croatia without transportation hassle? There are several options of rail passes to make such trip even more affordable and comfortable ...