HERITAGE/ Tours: In the Footsteps of Political Icons

The legacy of many politicians around the world shapes the lives of people even after the death of the icons. Join the tour and explore the life of Vaclav Havel in Prague, Margaret Thatcher in London, Nelson Mandela at the Robben Island and many more.



Travel: The Legacy of Remarkable Politicians and Thinkers

Gregory Dolgos

What do Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, H. H The Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Che Guevara, Eva Peron and Empress Elisabeth of Austria have in common? You could say they are all important political personalities cutting across continents and colour besides having played an important role in forging nations in the past and present centuries. Well, they also happen to be icons who left their mark and whose legacy continues. Universally recognized and a much respected political le...

Exploring the Life of George Washington at Mount Vernon

Pat Hyland

The estate of Mount Vernon lies to the south of Washington DC and is a must see tourist spot for many because of its numerous historical treasures and value as an educational facility. The site is many things to many people but every part of the landscape and every attraction have one simple connection – George Washington. Washington has two key names in American history: to many he is General Washington, the strong hero leading the Americans in the Revolutionary war; to others he is Presiden...

Vaclav Havel Tour: Prague through the Eyes of the 1st Czech President

Anna Luebke

The Vaclav Havel Tour in Prague, Czech Republic, offers an interesting perspective of the city based on the Vaclav Havel story: the story of an anti-Communist intellectual and absurdist playwright who played an important role in the culture and art of Czechoslovakia. Havel's career as the President of Czechoslovakia began in 1989. After the “divorce” which split up the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Havel became the First President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. His d...

The Iron Lady Walk: The Life of Margaret Thatcher

Dan Rang

You may have loved her or hated her, but you can't ignore the Iron Lady. The 2011 film starring Meryl Streep is evidence of how much Margaret Thatcher continues to play a big role in our imaginations. The unending interest in Britain's first and only female Prime Minister is further fueled by the Silver Cane-organized “Iron Lady Walk”. The tour takes us from Covent Garden to Westminster, through the sites where Maggie Thatcher has left her mark in the public imagination even after her death on 8...