PROFESSIONAL/ Tourism and War Conflicts

Even the most adventurous tourists avoid war-torn countries. Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey all recorded dramatic drop in tourist numbers in recent months. Is there any hope for the industry in these regions?



Visitor Arrivals to Turkey Decline Amid Protests

Larry Brain

In the month of June, the slowest increase in arrival of visitors to Turkey was recorded in as many as seven months. The slowing down of visitor arrivals is attributed to the anti-government protests that raged for weeks in major cities of the country. However, tourist arrivals to the coastal areas were not seriously impacted. The increase in visitor arrivals was 4.93% (the slowest since November 2013) in June on year-over-year basis, after recording double-digit growth in the months of April...

Fears of Insecurity Cause a Crash in Lebanese Tourism

Daniel A. Tanner

Lebanon’s tourism has been hit by one of the most devastating crashes in its recent history as a result of security concerns in the region. While Lebanon has historic sceneries and splendid beaches to warrant the arrival of multitudes of tourists every year, the ongoing war in Syria that has led to over 100,000 deaths is having a toll on Lebanese tourism. The travel restrictions slapped on the country by Gulf Arab states and the spill-over of the Syrian war into major Lebanese cities have agg...

War Torn Nagorny Karabakh Transforms into Tourist Hot Spot

Dan Rang

If you can look past the ghost towns full of mine fields and the occasional sniper fire, then the war ravaged Azerbaijani region of Nagorny Karabakh is actually a pretty decent holiday getaway. At least for the adventurous visitors. Although it has a reputation for violence, foreign tourists have flocked to stateless, Armenian controlled area like never before. The reason why anyone would seek out a place like this to vacation is beyond all comprehension. But the experiences they share leave no...

Egypt: Political Unrest and Absent Tourists

Joe McClain

A series of revolutions have served to destabilize what was otherwise pristine, stable Egypt. The maiden revolution came in 2011. This saw Hosni Mubarak toppled. Subsequently, president Mohammed Morsi was ousted in 2013. The latter was deposed by the army, plunging the country into a deadly violence and a deadlock. The tourism sector, once accounting for 10 % of Egypt's GDP, has received a major blow as a result of these revolutions. Countries have continued to issue travel advisories to thei...