PROFESSIONAL/ Hotels Go Hi-tech

Today’s hotels need to invest in new technologies that are designed to save energy and make the life of the staff bearable.


Top Network Technologies Coming to Hotels

Denise Chen

If you were to ask hotel guests about the amenity that they consider the most important, there is a good chance that they will mention connectivity. These days, guests want to be able to access digital equipment easily both inside and outside a hotel. Hotel owners are now finding it important to spend resources and time on network applications and technology as they spend on the quality of food service and linens. Hotel guests expect to have the same online connectivity and customization they...

Energy Management Systems Help Hotels Save Energy

Dan Rang

Energy Management Systems or EMS refer to various computer-aided tools that are used in order to control the energy use in large facilities and organizations. Over the past several years, numerous hotels have started to implement energy management systems to reduce costs and to improve productivity. In a nutshell, an EMS is a set of applications that are used to control, optimize and lower the energy consumption. Moreover, these solutions use real-time information such as the status of the plan...

iPads in Lobbies and Guest Rooms

Larry Brain

A great deal of hotels are offering their clients some added benefits so they don't need to pick up their phones, nor stand in queues after they check in. And that's by installing iPads not just in the guest rooms in the hotel, but even in public spaces like lobbies or lounges. Aloft Hotels (Starwood's): The hotel industry giant's mid-range Aloft chain signed a proposal to setup mounted iPads (powered by Intelity) in hotel chain's lobbies. Intelity spokesperson Phil Schwartz said that these tab...

Tech Savvy Traveler Needs New Hospitality Services

Andrew J. Wein

The boomers, still checking into your hotel in large numbers, grew up with the television and had the first touch tone phones. Some have grasped the high tech world and some have not. They are better at face to face conversations. Gen Xers were born into a world where the landlines of yesteryear were beginning to be phased out. They multi task, learn the latest technologies in computer enhanced living and prefer their business communications through web based meeting platforms. Generation Y n...