Our Sport section celebrates the mutual importance of sport and travel industries. It highlights several aspects of this multifaceted relationship. We publish results of the survey commissioned by the German National board to examine long-term effects of the recent football championship on the country promotion as a travel destination. This research is especially interesting in connection with the approaching 2012 Olympic Games. Our publication observes opportunities for thousands of companies, that directly or indirectly, might be involved in and benefit from delivering and staging the Games. Big achievements, as we all know, start with a general interest in sports and an active lifestyle, meaning active tourism at the same time. Here we present kids football holiday camps located in sunny Andalusia, where children can play football year round. While the skiing season is coming to Europe we introduce a new destination: Poland, where the Tatras, the youngest range in the Carpathian Mountains, together with the growing national travel industry provides excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing, recreational skiing, or downhill racing.


Long-term effect of 2006 FIFA World Cup™ on

Denise Chen

Key findings of a comprehensive survey on Destination Germany show that the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ has opened up Germany to new groups of customers.


Sara Thopson

New football holiday camps for children appear on Costa del Sol, because of its year-round appeal, great weather and superb facilities in the region.

Olympic Games 2012: opportunities and initiatives

Wayne M. Gore

London 2012 announced a new initiative for businesses planning to work with the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Skiing in Poland: new destination

Anna Luebke

The Tatras, the youngest range in the Carpathian Mountains, is becoming a new holiday destination for snow lovers.