SPA/ European Spa Cities – Healthy and Spectacular

Most spa goers are well aware of the unique healing properties of the mineral springs scattered all around Europe. Learn about the Route of Historic Thermal Towns, explore Franzensbad and Baden just to get the taste of all the historical spas ready to welcome you.



European Route of Historic Thermal Towns

Chris Grad

The European Route of Historic Thermal Towns is a move to reclaim the scenic glory of European thermal towns, which have splendid architectural, mineral and cultural heritage of pre-nineteenth century. The recreation of these European towns is spearheaded by European Route of Historic Thermal Towns Association, abbreviated as EHTTA, which was formed in December 2009, in Brussels. The founder members were Spa (Belgium), Vichy (France), Bath (United Kingdom), Ourense (Spain), Acqui Terme (Italy),...

Montecatini Terme: Get De-stressed!

James Morris

Montecatini Terme is a historic Italian spa town. The region was initially inhabited by nomadic-hunters, but that has been only thoroughly recorded from the Mesolithic-period. Today, Montecatini Terme is a town located in Tuscany, at the eastern-end of Piana-di-Lucca. It is known for quality tourism, commercial, and industrial services. There are nine spring-facilities in the town, which make it one of the biggest spa centers in Italy. Montecatini Terme was built around its very own mineral-wa...

Franzensbad: Czech Spa Resort with German History

Dan Rang

Just two hours outside Prague there is the Franzensbad spa, or the city of Frantiskovy Lazne, a diverse and luxurious complex that aims to offer better health and general relaxation for all its guests. This complex with its many treatment areas, facilities and, of course, the revitalizing carbonated waters that earned it its fame, has grown to become part of the biggest spa corporation in the Czech Republic Franzensbad is a historic water source with the power to heal and attract guests. Before...

Baden bei Wien: Sulfur Baths, Concert Halls and Museums

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Baden or Baden bei Wien is the capital of the Baden District located around 26km south of Vienna in Austria. The name Baden bei Wien when translated into English means Baden near Vienna and is not the official name of the town; but it used to distinguish the city from other towns with similar names. Centuries ago, the town used to be the principal resort during summer vacations, and was loved by the rich inhabitants from Vienna. During the 19th century the aristocracy and nobility of Vienna lov...