DESTINATION/ South Africa – A Country Like No Other

Discover the country of green vineyards, stunning national parks and turbulent history. Get ready for exciting holidays in South Africa and travel off the beaten path.


South Africa’s Wine Industry Bubbling with Success

Chris Grad

The wine industry in South Africa is bubbling on good times as of late. The future looks bright for growth and expansion based on current projections. South Africa’s wine tourism is due to benefit from the sector being the fastest growing and most lucrative of the global tourism market, Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk said. “In South Africa, our wine industry plays an important role in terms of its contribution to specifically regional and rural economic growth and job c...

South Africa Off the Beaten Path

William Law

South Africa is home to hundreds and thousands of exciting and fascinating activities that locals and visitors alike partake in on a daily basis. However, there are some not as well known as the other major attractions and highlights. Therefore, here are some of the more unique and interesting activities that one could get up to while on a visit to sunny South Africa. Shakaland Zulu Experience A visit to the Shakaland Zulu cultural village is a unique, culturally enhancing experience that wi...

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Attractions

Joe McClain

Nelson Mandela, the first South African president elected in democratic election, is probably the most famous South African in the world. World known as an anti-apartheid activist he spend 27 years in prison for sabotage and other charges. Released in 1990 he led his party in the negotiations that led to multi-racial democracy in 1994. As president, he frequently gave priority to reconciliation, while introducing policies aimed at combating poverty and inequality in South Africa. Mandela, or ...

South Africa: Sustainable Traveling and Ecotourism

Richard Moor

Sustainable tourism has grown over recent decades to become something of a South African specialty. It is responsible tourism, a kinder way of travelling – gentler on the pocket, sensitive to community hosts and caring towards nature. Since 1995, a new spirit of sustainable tourism has infused the industry, Green tourism, under Government leadership and through private projects, now goes beyond the simply eco-friendly. The new green is making sure that the people living next to parks benefit fr...