PROFESSIONAL/ Social Media vs. Tourism Industry

Social media, mobile apps, and digital marketing are growing rapidly in importance in tourism industry. What are the latest trends? What to focus on?


Five Key Social Media Trends in the Tourism Industry

Joe McClain

The tourism industry is still scrambling to accommodate social media, which barged in like an unexpected tour group babbling in a bizarre foreign language. But while tour groups move on, social media appears to be here to stay. What does this mean for travel and tourism operators? As the social space continues to evolve, navigating its many platforms, tools and trends is becoming increasingly challenging – a distraction from the more pressing demands of generating revenue and taking car...

How the Tourism Industry Is Utilizing Social Media

Bill Alen

The tourism industry has changed dramatically with the overwhelming emergence of social media platforms. Due to the nature of a travel product – it is experiential, and often a material commitment in terms of money or time – people have long shared their travel experience and social media just facilitates this. Especially in the tourism sector, where most of the holiday-makers start with an internet research before they book accommodation an active presence in social is needed now...

Travel and Tourism Firms Explore New Digital Marketing Horizons

Anna Luebke

Websites have always been considered a vital component of any online marketing plan in the tourism industry. But while the traditional Web may still be necessary to convert leads and facilitate bookings with tour operators, guest houses and hotels, etc., a number of other online and digital platforms are making a big impact. In particular, the use of social media in tourism continues to rise and it has many benefits over traditional online channels. Most notably, these include its cost-effect...

New Study: Hybrid Events with Added Value

Richard Moor

The world of communication is changing rapidly. The magic word is social media. No other discipline has had such a lasting effect on the field of marketing. Today, technological developments allow extreme simultaneity of event and communication, as well as the simultaneity of sending a message and receiving an instant response from the recipient. A response that is not only returned to the sender, but also disseminated via social media networks worldwide in a snowball effect. And because of m...