Saba Island – Go Back in Time

Andrew J. Wein - Jun 27, 2011
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Saba is ideal for the traveler looking for a secluded haven, in peaceful and friendly surroundings. Rising steeply from the azure sea, the tiny island in the Caribbean is a magical experience far away from the cares and worries of today's hurried world.

Four small villages are as quaint and charming as the gentle, friendly manner of the Saban people, descended from hardy 17th century pioneers. Visitors feel they have stepped back in history, yet many modern luxuries are here to be enjoyed. Saba is a monument to nature's best above and below the ocean's surface. The famous Saba Marine Park is second to none. Saba is a magical place for scuba diving, hiking, admiring the nature or honeymooning!

The Unspoiled Queen

Saba has a population of only 1,400, so the island’s surface of 13 square kilometres (5 square miles) is scarcely inhabited. The people of Saba proudly refer to their island as “The Unspoiled Queen.” Imagine an island largely untouched by the 21st century, with the year-round climate of your dreams. Imagine landscapes that resemble those encountered by the earliest explorers. Lush, pristine, mysterious, alluring.

No matter how you arrive on Saba, on the island there’s only one road to travel. Travelling by taxi along “the road that couldn’t be built” takes you to your destination within twenty minutes.

On your way you’ll find out what it means to travel back in time. No one’s in a hurry. The taxi driver is busy greeting friends and making small talk with everyone who passes by. The houses are pleasingly uniform, their architecture harmonious.

Climbing Mt. Scenery

Climbing Mount Scenery is one of the principal attractions of Saba, an adventure you’ll never forget. Visitors are advised, however, that because of the altitude and the demands of the climb, only those in good physical condition should attempt the trek.

Mount Scenery 877 metres (2,877 feet) is not only the highest mountain on the island, it is the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. When you reach the summit, indulge yourself in the breathtaking view. The volcano crater contains a rainforest jungle of ferns, tropical flowers and mahogany trees. You’ll feel that you’re in heaven as you gaze over the island.

Hiking the Island

Hikers from all over the world are attracted to Saba. The island features a network of trails, carefully marked and maintained. Some are designed for easy trekking, others require a guide, enriching the experience through a greater appreciation of Saba’s botany and history. Everyone can hike to the trailhead then into Saba’s rainforest, tide pools, historic ruins and rich nature wonderland. Even a walk along Saba’s winding road will lead you through many breathtaking and memorable views.

Diving Kingdom

Saba's beauty extends below the waterline into an exciting marine environment rich in corals and active with fish life. A busy population of colorful tropical fish as well as large groupers and jacks live around Saba.

Lava tunnels and hot springs remind divers of the dramatic volcanic beginnings of the island. The small leeward side hosts gentle, medium depth, spur and groove formations. Along the edge of Saba's sheer wall dives, divers can sight turtles and rays of all shapes and sizes. Since the island is so small, dive boats can reach all sites within minutes.

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