TRANSPORT/ River Cruising around the World

River cruising is getting more and more popular. It is comfortable and exciting at the same time. Passengers visit several well-known destinations as well as unique places accessible only from the river.


River Cruising the Rhone and the Saone

Laura Maudlin

Uniworld describes its collection of cruises as a “boutique” experience, bringing to mind a high standard of service and facilities while still retaining a sense of individuality, both in the atmosphere of the ship and among the guests. Certainly my vessel for a week, the River Royale, boarded in southern Provence’s ancient city of Arles, offered that sense of maximum comfort combined with individual intimacy and a whole lot of personal attention from 38 staff from nine Europea...

River Cruise: A Trip of a Lifetime

Cecilia Garland

Cruising the inland waterways of the world is a unique experience, incomparable to any other form of travel. The combination of convenience and comfort along with the variety of scenery, culture, the fulfillment of one’s mind along with one’s senses is like combining oil and vinegar, sugar and salt, love and remembrance – it does not get better than this! Unique Destinations Thanks to their smaller size and low draft, river vessels can go where no other land transportation ...

Lock Your Love Forever on Russian Cruise

Daniel A. Tanner

Russian cruises are not only about exploring the beauty of the river and surrounding cities. Travelers also learn a lot about Russian history as well as traditions. One of the local customs are the “Locks of Love”. Just married Russian couples hang a padlock on a bridge after inscribing their names or initials on it and throw the key away so that their love is locked forever. Some couples use two inter-twined locks, each lock bearing their name. Family members and close friends also ...

Swan Hellenic River Cruises: Closer to the Heart of Europe

Daniel A. Tanner

Each one of A-ROSA’s sophisticated fleet of river cruisers has been designed with Europe’s great rivers in mind. That is why all the public rooms, all of the cabins – not to mention the spacious decks – make the best of the views the travelers enjoy. On board, the atmosphere is relaxed, congenial. Attentive staff waits at the tables and brings drinks on deck. Menus offer a mix of regional and international dishes. There are no sittings or seating plans and the dress code is informal. Most sur...

Cruising China: Going down the Yangtze River

Gregory Dolgos

A cruise is not the first type of holiday you would associate with China, however a cruise along the Yangtze River can provide the basis of an amazing holiday. The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world, second only to the Nile and the Amazon. The river is over 6300 km in length starting in the Quinghai Province the river flows eastwards towards Shanghai and the China Sea and is known as "the cradle of the Chinese civilization." The Yangtze River offers...