PROFESSIONAL/ Hotels: Ingenious Promotion Strategies

Marketing and promotion in 2012 represent new challenges. Explore the possibilities of social media that the hoteliers use today.


Top Five Items in a Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

James Morris

Digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly complex. Hotel managers need not only to service guests, manage rooms, availabilities and pricing, but now are also expected to compete for guests in new channels and digital communities that emerge every day. Hence, many hotel managers are asking themselves how they can expand their brand online while still having the time to run their business. The obvious choice has been to hire additional staff, but this tactic is just a temporary solu...

Hotels: Does Twitter Marketing Work?

Chris Grad

It has been five years since the birth of Twitter and although other industries have been early adopters of the social networking site, the hotel industry (apart from a few early hotelier adopters) still largely debates the usefulness of such a site and whether return on investment can actually be measured. And this focus on ROI is a major shift in the tweeting business world. That is, the fact that participating in a social experiment of a trendy community is no longer the case. Twitter has ...

8 Ways to Promote Your Hotel’s Eco-Initiatives

Tourism Review News Desk

Chris Syvertsen, General Manager of Mosaic House – the first hotel in the Czech Republic to use 100% renewable electricity and 100% biogas – discussed with us the best ways to promote a hotel’s eco-initiatives and exceptional service. Planning an eco-overhaul of your own? Focus on these eight strategies: 1. Skeptics are (rightfully) wary of properties that appear to be “greenwashing.” Stick to specific, meaningful improvements. Guests can tell the difference. Ch...

Luxury Hotels: SMS as a Direct Route to Affluent Consumers

Theodore Slate

SMS messaging offers a way for luxury marketers to directly reach consumers and contact them immediately with unique and tailored messages that stand out in today’s over-branded society. The affluent consumer has changed over the years and is becoming more comfortable using mobile devices, social media and new forms of marketing. However, this also means that consumers are learning to spot and ignore traditional messaging such as banner advertisements and forcing marketers to find ways to reach...