Professional: Talking about souvenirs

Tourism is tightly linked with a number of industries, which enhance memories of travellers and make their experiences truly unforgettable. Tourists love purchasing souvenirs. These goods enliven their experiences by offering an illusion of being able to take back home something tangible and indestructible. The souvenirs in a way preserve the “époque”, reflect events and fashions of the moment of travel. Souvenir trade is a very competitive - gift stores have the third highest failure rate among retail outlets – but a highly rewarding type of enterprise. In the first issue of 2007 we advise how to make your souvenir shop a success and hope this publication will be useful for those who are thinking to embark on this kind of business venture. Food merchandise is a growing sector of the souvenir market, and we offer observations on some trends in this area of business. When the goods are purchased – how to deliver them safely – the questions of logistics can be crucial for a traveller. In this issue we only open the discussion of new ways of purchasing and delivering souvenirs. Tourists tend to look for authentic folk-art souvenirs, which represent a certain challenge in the post-industrial globalised world. This issue gives the reader an idea of how this problem is dealt with in Hungary.


Starting a Gift Store: what Canadian business services advice to novices?

Gregory Dolgos

To succeed, you need a personal touch with customers, a keen sense of what they want and a flair for displaying merchandise. You should have skills in managing, selling, accounting, purchasing and advertising. Before starting your own store, gain experience by working in a gift store and taking related training and courses. The industry is very competitive - gift stores have the third highest failure rate among retail outlets...

Australian home delivers for Japanese tourists

Denise Chen

Australian Airlines is to offer a new inflight product, “Home Delivery” for Japanese customers on flights to and from Australia. Home Delivery allows passengers who live in Japan to purchase Australian souvenirs and gifts during the flight and have the items delivered to their work or home address...

Food as tourist merchandise

Nils Kraus

Tourists like to shop. There is a great deal of data on tourist expenditures on hotels, transportation and other activities dedicated to serving tourists. But information is surprisingly scarce on how much tourists spend at retail outlets, much less what products they buy and their motivations for purchase. There is evidence that where attractive shopping opportunities exist, tourist purchases can be considerable. A study in Wisconsin found that "shopping" accounted for 31 percent of total touri...

FOLK-ART as tourist atraction in Hungary

Bill Alen

Folklore art is a unique element of the Hungarian tourist product. The originality and the variety of different art forms provide a special experience for the tourists and a powerful promotional tool for national marketing. DEMAND AND SUPPLY OF FOLK ART OBJECTS Handicraft folklore products are often sold on the spot where they are manufactured (in the workshop, in the settlement), but the geographically concentrated nature of tourist demand in Hungary would make this kind of distribution u...