Professional: Million Dollar Holidays

Yes, there is the global downturn, but not for everybody. Luxurious and incredibly expensive hotels will always be there. Remember the last year’s $1 million package at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi? In 2009 you have also numerous possibilities how to get rid of spare thousands in cozy hotels. Check out Atlantis in Dubai, must-see suites according to Elite Traveler or even luxurious Scotland and India.


Atlantis Dubai: Forget the Recession!

Gary Diskin

Dubai still does offer over the top luxury. The rest of the world is worried about the effect of the economic crises on luxury hotel occupancy rates or even whether they can afford the next luxury condo on the beach. Not Dubai though – the real estate bubble may have burst for the real-world Dubai – but welcome to Atlantis – fantasy land! Atlantis Hotel, Dubai is a mega-hotel. This is not a small, boutique property. This is not under-stated or quietly elegant. This is unbelievably, fantastica...

Luxury and Golf: Where It All Began

Gregory Dolgos

A trip to the UK is never complete without a visit to Scotland, the birthplace of golf. St Andrews is located on the east coast of Scotland, about an hour from Scotland’s Capital City, Edinburgh. Edinburgh has direct Flights from the major European Capitals, and, from the Eastern Seaboard of North America. For those using Private Jets, direct access to St Andrews can be had using RAF Leuchars, a NATO Base only 5 minutes from the Old Course. The Cradle of Golf Golf (from the Old Scots wo...

Elite Traveler: 101 Top Hotel/Resort Suites

Bill Alen

‘Elite Traveler’ is a magazine for precisely those described in the title. As the editor states in the magazine, the readers do not see money as an issue worth worrying about at all. Instead, their aims involve prestige and experiencing the best. In an age where budget airlines are the most popular and competition amongst travel organisations is huge in terms of offering the best price, it is worthy of interest to take a look at the elite layer of the worldwide tourism industry for a...

India: Grand and Fabulous

Kevin Eagan

India is fast becoming the top tourist, shopping and even a medical / surgical destination offering a unique blend of colonial and modern experiences, from the Royal Palaces to the luxurious hotels and some amazing sights. Your India sojourn can include the following cities: Mumbai – stay at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower renowned the world over as one of the legendary hotels of the Orient. Situated on the waterfront, its stunning edifice, built at the turn of the century, evokes an ...