MEDICAL/ Growing Medical Destinations around the Globe

Medical tourism is growing in popularity around the world. India, South Korea or even Israel are some of the rising medical travel destinations. Discover the offer of Hungary and Thailand as well.



Thailand’s Medical Tourism Developing Fast

Samuel Dorsi

Medical tourism is quickly gaining ground the world over and Thailand is no exception. Tourists from all over the globe are coming to Thailand seeking affordable medical treatment that they cannot get at home. History One of the first medical tourist centers to open in Thailand was the Bumrungrad Hospital. This hospital took advantage of the Asian economic crisis of 1997. The crisis meant that affluent Asians could no longer afford the luxury of seeking treatment in American run hospitals. Bu...

Top 5 Emerging Medical Tourism Destinations

Denise Chen

A surge in global healthcare professionals, patient pool and technological enhancements has propelled the following countries as emerging medical tourism destinations. Low cost treatments and opportunities to tour the countryside and cities have also bolstered these countries' medical tourism. They are also characterized by the availability of information, accessibility, affordability and superior infrastructure. As a result, citizens from abroad are seeking further treatment in the following...

Hungary: A Country Not Only for Dental Tourists

Kevin Eagan

The Hungarian medical tourism industry caters to a huge portion of all European dental tourists. 40% of all European medical tourists enter the country regularly in search of various medical services with a greater portion of this percentage coming from the western parts Europe. Recently however, Hungary has been making efforts to shed off its image as a predominantly dental treatments destination with the intense promotion of other medical procedures. A number of clinics in Hungary offer medic...

World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists

Sara Thopson

It is important for medical travelers to be aware that quality and safety aspects of a hospital, irrespective of which country it is in and how good it is, are not guaranteed. It, therefore, pays to approach a professional medical travel company that is capable of providing the complete range of medical services on the ground. MTQUA compiled a list of the best hospitals for medical tourists around the world: Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This hospital makes great surg...