Oberland in Liechtenstein: Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ashley Nault - Nov 28, 2011
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Liechtenstein's Oberland or the upper country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Although situated in the country's southern section, the region climbs up to the Alps and offers a large playground of woodlands and mountain trails. You can also find several ski resorts in the area where holidaymakers can take advantage of their favorite winter sports while soaking up the breathtaking panoramic views.

Reaching the various hamlets, villages and towns of the Oberland region is as easy as boarding a bus from Vaduz. All that you need is a map and a bus schedule from the tourist office, sprinkle in a good sense of adventure and now you are ready to go.

The Oberland, other than being the prime destination for outdoor activities, also boasts of places where you can immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Liechtenstein. So, just relax and don't be in a hurry because there is so much to enjoy and discover in this spectacular region.

One such place worthy of a stop is Schaan, just 2 miles west of Vaduz. It is nestled at the foothills of Drei Schwestern, which makes it a must-visit before you start your challenging traverse of the site's mountain trails. Some of the area's highlights include a beautiful 12th-century Romanesque church and a Roman fort ruins.

After your historical jaunt, it is time to head out to your hiking adventure and Planken is the greatest place to start your exploration of Liechtenstein's Oberland region. It is not only the gateway to the popular area of Drei Schwestern but also the perfect spot to get an excellent preview of what is in store for you.

With the stunning vista of the Rhine Valley spread out before you and the towering peaks of the Swiss mountains within your view, you will surely feel a burst of enthusiasm for the possibilities ahead. After you have taken in the view, go ahead and conquer the three peaks of the Drei Schwestern, also known as the Three Sisters – a natural border separating Liechtenstein from Austria.

If the Liechtenstein Alps is the direction you are aiming for, then go east from Vaduz and start your alpine excursion in the village of Triesenberg. This village also offers a rich insight into the area's culture. Make sure not to miss visiting the Heimatmuseum or the Valais Heritage Museum to learn more about the history of the region's colorful people. From Triesenberg, you can simply get to a number of alpine resorts dotting the Alps such as Masescha, Silum, Gaflei, Malbun and Steg.

Malbun features the highest elevation and offers some of the most spectacular views in the area. It is also considered as the center of winter sports in the country, boasting impressive skiing facilities. Its ski school is perfect for those who are just beginning to learn. If you are not much of a skier, you can just take one of the chairlifts which will bring you to exciting heights to take in the splendid mountain vistas. A short jaunt to Bettlerjoch Peak on a chairlift is a must.

However, if you are looking for a quieter getaway, Masescha is a better solution for you. This smaller resort sits just 2 miles north of Triesenberg and offers breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley. It is surrounded by beautiful meadows, verdant woodlands, dramatic overhangs and lovely creeks, making it an ideal base for people who love to take scenic walks instead of strenuous climbs.

By Igor G. S


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