DESTINATION/ Nova Scotia: Charming and Exciting

The land of fisherman and maritime businesses, the land of lighthouses and museums – discover the cultural heritage of Nova Scotia and its resilient people.


Nova Scotia: Sun, Sea and Light Houses

Samuel Dorsi

The international tourists might not know it but Nova Scotia is the fast upcoming destination for avid travelers. Located in the main land of Canada, it offers never-ending expanses of greenery and lots of water inlets to make it the ultimate fishing ground. Since 1604 when John Cabot found it out it has been a teeming ground for fresh water fishing. This fits well the Canadian social culture. During the 17th century the Scottish and the French businessmen traded fur. The Scottish influence i...

Nova Scotia’s Spectacular Evangeline Trail

Laura Maudlin

The rental-car-friendly Evangeline Trail runs north from the town of Yarmouth at the most southerly tip of Nova Scotia, following the coastal crenulations of the province’s west coast facing the Bay of Fundy. The easy-to-navigate country roads make a well-marked self-drive exploration of one week, while meandering around tranquil coves, visiting picturesque lighthouses (some still working and others now museums), and sampling super-fresh seafood including lobster and Digby scallops. As ...

Traveling the Waters of Nova Scotia

Richard Moor

The waters surrounding Nova Scotia are rife with legend – some more fanciful than others – like tales from the past when whales were seen as sea monsters rising from the depth, or stories of pirate treasures buried beneath the waves, rum-running and ghostly galleons ablaze on moonlit nights. For those looking for a more realism, there are stories of the people of Nova Scotia. There are men like Samuel Cunard who started off with whalers sailing from Nova Scotia to the Pacific, and...

Lunenburg: Discover the Canadian Heritage Treasure

Larry Brain

To the Acadians, it was Mirligueche. To the English, it became Lunenburg in honor of King George II, Duke of Brunschweig-Lunenburg. To the United Nations, it is a heritage treasure unlike any other. To citizens and their visitors, it remains a fascinating blend of history and real life, a living monument to what was, and what will be. Colonial Lunenburg sprang from the quill and imagination of Charles Morris, who as Surveyor General for the British Empire had planned many towns in the orderly...

Halifax: Experience Local Events and Festivals

Alec Hills

Festivals, fall foliage tours & culinary adventures using local products are just some of the things to do in Halifax An abundance of Halifax events reinforces the tourism season in Halifax which is still going strong states Destination Halifax, long after the summer months keeping the excitement rolling right into winter. There are more ways than ever to embrace fall in the Halifax region, some of which are unique to this time of year. The “second summer” weather conditions ...