DESTINATION/ Nicaragua – Booming Tourism Fights Poverty

Nicaragua is a hospitable nation welcoming all types of tourists. Adventure seekers, culture lovers, culinary travelers – they all should get ready for perfect experience. No wonder local tourism is booming helping the economy immensely.


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Nicaragua: An Emerging Tourism Success Story

Joe McClain

Local development fueled by tourism isn’t always the paradise scenario politicians and big entrepreneurs make it out to be. In a lot of cases, the construction of large luxury resorts and attractions actually leaves the population behind, even deteriorating their livelihood in certain instances and giving rise to poverty and crime instead of the desired development. That, however, is not the case in Nicaragua, the second-poorest country in the hemisphere, after Haiti. The government has made ...

Discover the Nicaragua’s Best Attractions

Joe McClain

Nicaragua is unjustifiably overshadowed, when it comes to adventure tourism and ecotourism, by some of its more developed neighboring places. Whatever you can do elsewhere, you can do the same things at Nicaragua at a lesser cost. Here are a few top things to do in Nicaragua.  Hike, Watch Wildlife, Experience Culture and Relax in Isla de Ometepe Ometepe is the best place for hiking, wildlife, cultural and relaxation. Formed by volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas, it is unique and offers variety...

Cerro Negro – Volcano Boarding Not for the Faint-hearted

James Morris

Travel enthusiasts have referred to it as the "tourist bunny slope". Many thrill-seekers have found fulfillment boarding down its fairly steep slopes that are fully covered by black volcano ash. The place is Cerro Negro, also called the "Black Hill".  Located in western Nicaragua, Cerro Negro has been a must-visit destination for all visitors who seek adrenaline-filled adventure. Having formed in 1850, the 2380 ft. high volcano has undergone twenty eruptions with the latest being in 1999. Con...

Granada – Charming and Historical

Nils Kraus

If you ever visited Nicaragua and failed to make a stopover at Granada, it would be classified under "tragic events of your life". Being one of the oldest established cities of the Americas, Granada still retains most of its romantic colonial charm and it certainly rubs onto you. The small town is blessed by nature's beauty in abundance and if you like the great outdoors, Granada will have plenty of adventure to offer you. So, whether if it's about savoring some of the world's best dihes or clim...