Taoism Is Part of the Spa Treatments at Qing Cheng Mountain Spa

Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 01, 2015
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Qing Cheng Mountain is the biggest Six Senses resort till date boasting of 11 luxurious villas and 102 suites. The design and styling is strongly influenced by historically rich Chengdu culture. This is the seventh resort from the Six Senses chain with the next one opening in Douro Valley next month. The company is known to be uncompromising in its quest for architectural splendor and maintains high international standards in luxury for all its hotels and resorts. There are several other projects down the road to be expected in the not so distant future. 

The Star Spa

Among the many star attractions, the Qing Cheng Mountain resort features a new Taoist-themed spa with 10-treatment-rooms that sprawls over 18,400 sq ft. Replete with an amazing waterfall and magnificent garden views, the overall ambience of the spa projects strong Taoist influences that is consistent with its location. The spa incorporates components of traditional Chinese medicine in its spa treatments, which makes it a unique blend of modern luxury and ancient Chinese culture. The combination is truly something never yet experienced. 

The philosophy that drives the resort is "reconnection." According to the company, they have always been striving to achieve true balance with nature and inspire self-development with everything they set out to do. 

The Three Journeys

Apart from a unique Daoyin Tao massage, the new spa has a theme of "three journeys" running through it.  

The first is the Jing journey, which is a carefully assorted set of restorative treatments designed to enhance the immune system. The journey also includes acupuncture, a Chinese medicine session, and tui na. The second journey, known as Qi adopts the yin and yang philosophy and is designed to bring back balance of the body by manipulating meridian pathways. The journey encompasses an oriental massage, the signature body toner treatment, and Chinese reflexology. Finally the Shen journey places high emphasis on the spirit. The journey has herbal bath session, private yoga tai chi, and a specially formulated facial with jade stone.

Achieving Critical Balance

The resort aims to bring its guests back in touch with nature through a wide array of special treatments that include core signature packages as well as newly developed facials that have consistently shown results. Apart from various facials and body treatment therapies based on Amala, the resort spa also features traditional Chinese medicine.

Styling and Design

The Qing Cheng Mountain spa has been designed by Habita Architects. The overlying theme that is predominantly seen is that of "responsible luxury." It has both elements of modern styling as well as traditional architecture and landscaping that are drawn from the location of the spa. The village theme is a unique aspect of the resort, which consists of 4 suites surrounding a courtyard, which makes it a great ambience for a large group of friends or family reunions.

Other Attractions

Apart from the spa, the resort has three swimming pools, one exclusively for children, movie theaters, and an outdoor fitness trail. The resort has been designed to attract customers from mainland China.

The brilliant approach is very visible in the efficient management of space making it clean and uncluttered. What makes it special is the incorporation of cultural elements such as exposed beams, classic rattan accents, and furniture that has been inspired by ancient Chinese designs.

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