TRANSPORT/ (Re)New Airports

A number of new terminals have been open recently introducing the passengers to faster check-in and comfortable time spent at the airport. Discover the upgraded services at London Southend Airport, San Francisco’s airport or even Ukraine’s new terminals.


Fresh and New: Air Terminals around the Globe

Justin N. Froyd

Many cities around the world are renovating, rebuilding or replacing their old air terminals with modern up to date facilities. The common goal in these upgrades is to improve the movement of travelers and save time, while maintaining tight security. International Terminal B – Sacramento – Opened in 2011 A complete overhaul of all baggage handling, checking and pickup facilities was a big part of the 1 billion dollar expansion and renovation done by Fentress Architects. Solar shading designs w...

San Francisco's Upgrade: Forward-Thinking Airport

Michael Trout

Since 2008, a new development has been taking shape at San Francisco Airport that has transformed the once dated Terminal 2 into an artistic, functional building for the modern age of air travel. The designers have reclaimed materials from the old, 1950s terminal, and built a unique area of approximately 640,000 square feet that hopes to cater for 5.5 million enplaned passengers a year on domestic services from American Airlines and Virgin America. This is more than just a 14-gate terminal, this...

Small and Pleasant: Southend Airport on the Way to Glory

Samuel Dorsi

Located in the district of Rochford, Essex, Southend Airport is one of the six major airports that serve London. During the 60's, the airport ranked as the third busiest airport in the UK in terms of the volume of passengers it handled. Unfortunately it came to lose that position in the late 70's, with the position being taken by Stansted Airport. However, there has been a consistent development program at Southend Airport since 2008 after being acquired by Stobart Group. The recent infrastru...

Ukraine: Three New Terminals Thanks to Euro 2012

Alec Hills

UEFA Euro 2012 was not only the highlight of the year of many football fans. It was also the main sport event for Poland and Ukraine – the host countries. However it required necessary improvements to be done in the infrastructure. Considerable changes were introduced in the four Ukrainian cities Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Lviv to facilitate the transport of tourists and fans heading to see the matches. Similarly the local airports had to improve their services as well. Donetsk's Sergei Prok...