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What airlines are the most successful in terms of revenue? What airline is the most profitable? How much do the airlines earn anyway?


World’s Best Airlines 2013 Announced air

World’s Best Airlines 2013 Announced

Vanderlei J. Pollack

June 18th was the night of one of the most important celebrations in the aviation industry's calendar and a chance for the best airlines in the world to find out exactly what the industry and their passengers really think of them – the annual World Airlines Awards organized by Skytrex. This year, the star-studded event was held at the Paris Air Show and it saw their guest presenter, CNN's Richard Quest, hand out a variety of top awards among the 275 esteemed guests, awards which had been voted f...
Emirates Airlines Reported 20% Revenue Outlook air

Emirates Airlines Reported 20% Revenue Outlook

Richard Moor

One of the world’s largest airline companies based in Dubai, Emirates Airlines, recently came forth with a positive financial outlook report for the year 2013. In estimates, the company said it expected a rise in income by about 18% to 20%, in line with the grand opening of the world’s premier concourse for Airbus A380 superjumbos. The estimates, as relayed to reporters by Tim Clark, the carrier’s President, were mostly optimistic for the Middle East’s largest market player. The first two quart...
The Most Profitable U.S. Airline Is Allegiant Air air

The Most Profitable U.S. Airline Is Allegiant Air

Denise Chen

Allegiant Air is the most profitable U.S. airline, coming ahead of Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, among other notable carriers. According to a recent publication in The Wall Street Journal the airline has made 18.5% profit before taxes on its $909 million revenue in the first quarter of 2013 financial year. The only other U.S. airlines that have come closer to this profit margin are Spirit Airlines with a profit before tax of 13.4%, Alaska Airlines at 5.2% and Sout...
Profits: World Airlines to Expect a Successful Year air

Profits: World Airlines to Expect a Successful Year

Richard Moor

A new report published by International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed that airlines are expected to register their third best year of profit generation since 2001. However, airlines are only expected to earn just $4 per passenger on average. IATA revised its profit expectation for passenger carriers in the world in 2013 upwards to $12.7 billion from its prediction of $10.6 billion in March. The revised profit prediction is higher by about 19.8 percent. If the forecasted profit is ac...